New shock set idea

I got this idea from @cronos4321 but nevertheless, its a great idea and I think this should be considered into the game.

Upon mobs death, spawn electric orb that deal +125% (rank 5) that kill it.

Orbs stay for 3sec and it can make chain if there is more than 1 orb exist like the arc effect or lay trap effect or something.

Say the orb kill astounding number of mobs and spawn another orb deal +125% damage that kills it and spawn another if it kill another mobs and spawn another if it kill mobs and spawn another if it kill mobs. Means +125% damage each time and that is a damage multiplication set just like plagued and frozen.

Those orbs are different from the actual orb skill and should not be affected by hero points because it would be too strong and it wouldn’t make sense.

This set goes with the theme of ball lightning which is a lightning that looks like a ball and lasts a little longer than a lightning bolt. 3 seconds makes sense with that theme.

Not sure what to call the set affix but it would be a major buff to shock and hopefully encourage people to build shock builds. Shock is almost underpowered and underrated as well.

That set affix goes well with the shock 12.5% debuff stack up to 4 times as well as paralyse and high voltage set affix.

The set will drop at desert just like how inferno drops at lava, plagued drops at forest and permafrost drops at ice. Frozen drops at a higher floor idk where? The set affix will help newer players too when they find items like that in their journey in dq.

The set affix could be called ball lightning or something like that? Maybe zeus’ rage? Not sure what name I could name it for the game. The set affix won’t be as good for pvp though since there are no multiple mobs for it to work and just like frozen set, it requires the enemy to die for the effect to take place.

There are many good possibilities I could imagine with this set affix and with enough dmg, it is just as deadly as frozen and plagued (as well as counting the shock debuff effect stacks).

I hope that was a really good idea. I personally think it is because it requires you to be able to kill mobs for the effect to work and it multiplies.

I wouldn’t say its op considering the fact that we have plagued and frozen. It would be a big buff for shock though and hopefully encourage players to build more campaign shock builds with high dmg.

For arcane, not sure what could be in place but it would be nice to have an arcane effect (like fire has dot over 2 seconds) of some kind as well as a set dedicated to it that boost its dmg so much.

I do have one question though, why does vanish get affected by stealth hero point 40. I think it shouldn’t because vanish is a completely different mechanic since it is mythic and different name. Vanish is vanish , stealth is stealth. No other mythic from my knowledge can be affected by hero point.

It is unfair for other class because rogue can get 5 second vanish and stealth while other class have to get 1-2 second duration.

Btw that shock orb will have a different animation to cosmic orb and orb skill because it cannot be affected by hero point since it has a different mechanic to the orb skill.

If anyone has better ideas for a shock set, feel free to list them down :blush: thanks .

This orb btw only appears if the enemy died by a shock effect or shock attack to make sense for the effect otherwise it would be an any element orb or an easy two element build. This means it will not work if you don’t use the shock element. Same as how plagued only works if you used the poison element and frozen works if the enemy is frozen by ice and died while staying frozen though the enemy can die from other element while frozen and the frozen explosion still works.


I have been thinking for awhile that Arcane and Shock actually need some affixes dedicated to them.


Yup agreed. Still shock is a bit stronger than arcane because of that debuff, can be used for battle arena and also can be mixed with elements such as fire and that along with bleed. Shock is very strong with ascendant.

However arcane doesn’t have an effect (dots, being frozen or debuffs).

Arcane also need a set to itself. The current arcane affect of errm ascendant is redundant when you use ignore resist.

I think arcane need to be like a curse or something like that. Arcane is considered basic magic though but it could sure have some buffs for end game builds.

Static Discharge
Chain Lightning
Ionic Cloud
Electric Field

Just some name ideas, could be cool

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Cool ideas. Also electrified isnt a shock set despite being found in desert.

Electrified just increase reflect dmg in area and paralyse chance and seem almost like garbage or underpowered.

It doesn’t have much relation to shock like inferno affects fire dot, plagued/druidic affects poison and frozen/permafrost affects ice.

Anyone seen my dq story idea?

you really should start using the edit button and stop double posting.

@ilidan371 I use edit button and I’m not too sure how I am double posting except by replying. I feel like I edit too much actually. Sorry if I am double posting though.

I do sometimes have a short attention span so blame that too. I am sorry for not knowing that I double posted.

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i thought of the reactor set affix

Been thinking the same thing…

But on second thought… Introducing something like a Shock effect set would be kinda OP (as if Poison Cloud isn’t OP lel) since normal Stuns triggers Elemental Crit. Damage (High Voltage) because it so happens that the elem Crit for Shock causes Paralyze (same as Frostbite for Ice), it lessens the need of elem. crit chance affix for Rouges using Shock.

and also it was already mentioned the stacking debuff which is a total of 50% innate damage increase for shock (thats basically Permafrost effect for Ice except it doesnt consume a slot)… Adding a set that pretty much almost works like Frozen, would make Ice builds look “a bit” weaker than Shock.

Probably create a Shock set that doesn’t work like that…

EDIT: Ill share my idea…

E.M.P. Set

For everytime the enemy is stunned or paralyze, the enemy would release a electromagnetic pulse in area that applies (2% per rank) damage debuff (stacks indefinitely) and damages the area for 80% mainhand damage (for every stun instances)

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The current shock effect is very underpowered.

Say shock deal 1000 Dmg. It need 4 attack to stack the damage for +50% damage.The damage will be simply 1500dmg.

If we can multiply dmg by my set idea, then only it makes a huge difference. U can argue that high voltage make it better but in the end shock is still underpowered in conparison to ice feom frozen and plagued for poison. Also we already have too many effect for stuns, berserker and high voltage most notably, I dont think we need more stuns. I feel like we got more than enough stun.

Shock should multiply like the others so more builds can use the pure shock element for high floor.

Even if the set is op, you can’t make a build with all op sets like plagued + shock set orb+frozen+ ascendant. It would make the build less powerful and pale in comparison to the pure elements builds like hachimon.

Just like hachimon build, you need very high raw dmg for enemy to die in order for orb to produce (like frozen set). This can go well with builds that don’t go well with frozen set because : taunt breaks ice shell, knight charge again knocks ice shell, bash also knocks shell over, fear, knights charge and other skills that otherwise don’t go well with ice I.e twister.
Plagued goes well with anything though but that is irrelevant anyway because druidic+plagued+high regen is mostly all is truly needed.
For shock set, anything with high raw dmg can compete (especially builds that knockback ice shells). Twister will go well with this as well as other skills that are really good with shock.

It will be something to get used to if you want another type of build that multiplicates. Obviously ignore resist is needed. This will also help newer players who grab the shock set at early levels, just like how they grab druidic and plagued. It will go very good with crushing blow and deadly strike for sure this set will.

Fire doesn’t need multiplying set because it’s already very powerful in campaign.

Fire attack1- Regular attack

2- Fire DoT (2sec)

3- Bleed DoT (10sec)

With inferno and vampiric

Fire dot 2sec = 4 tick.

Bleed dot 10sec = 14 tick

1 Fire elements attack equal to 19 attack.

Each attack and tick have chance to deal crit, deadly and crushing.

This is very powerful for dmg with crushing blow aiding most of the work if you go floor hunting to high floor. If fire multiplies, it would be the most powerful multiplying set every and more powerful than shock,ice and poison.

i agree, fire is way to OP whilst shock & arcane is underpowered and the present set for shock, like electrified, is not giving much power since reflect dmg is weak. anyway, is arcane dmg doesn’t really have any special effect? like other elements?

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Arcane doesn’t have a special effect like shock and other elements does. It makes shock naturally better than arcane but they are still both underpowered. The current “shock set electrified” is weak because all it does is reflect dmg and paralyse chance increased( the effect is good for tank builds but not for shock element itself). Not much dmg buff and not even related to shock itself lmao. A shock set should be like the one I mentioned here. The current effect for shock is extremely weak because all it does is make u attack 4 times for the attack dmg to increase by 50% (not much difference). With the shock set multiplying, it will finally have a chance at over at destroying high floor enemy with ease just like poison and ice. Shock isn’t like fire where it could trigger 19+ crushing blows or deadlys and if it was, I wouldn’t be talking about this right now. Shock doesn’t even have a dot yet as well.

As for arcane, that also needs a set dedicated to itself. Ascendant isn’t a good excuse because all it does is summon other elements and reduce enemy resists if you use arcane, something only good to beginners and the reduce resist effect is useless if you use ignore resist. Arcane first of all needs a set which gives it an effect as well as a massive dmg buff to keep up with said meta.

Arcane is related to space, ascending, magic and special effects and bonuses. What’s related to space is the orbit elemental crit from arcane, celestial affix, meteor skill, comet skill, cosmic power set. Also arcane is manashield, explosive, ascendant and buffs like crystalline, eternalised and mythical as well as mythology, mirror cast and specialist.

Ascendant (5) could have the ability : increase elemencrit (blight, blistering etc) dmg by 250% (50% per rank) and 62.5% chance to cast other elements (12.5% per rank). Arcane reduces resists by 62.5% (12.5% per rank)

At least ascendant would become half decent and arcane would help too. It will also help players who are new to use arcane with other elements. It will teach player how to use all 4+ elements and learn from them. Then they can decide, shall I focus on one element build or 4 element build.

Arcane orbit needs to last longer (3-4 secs) for the orbit to be worthwile. Currently it turn 2-3 times way too fast. It misses way too many enemies and not accurate at all.

My Point is if ever your idea comes out… it could probably be way more powerful than the current Frozen - Permafrost build… also using a sample of 1000 shock dmg was kinda weak… we could be talking about millions of damage as the base damage which would be further be amplified by 50% damage before the “new shock set” would multiply the damage.

Comparing the new idea for shock set to the current frozen affix, Your new shock set would need “less” affixes …
(the natural 50% damage debuff of shock is like Permafrost and pretty much you dont need the natural effect of ice since you would want to freeze the enemy using Freeze affix, and you probably wouldn’t need many elem. crit with High Voltage anyway)

… to just reach the same damage as the frozen one…

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Yes I understand. Even if it was billion of 10 billion of dmg shock would only add 5 billion
So dmg turns into 15 billion after 4 debuff stack. Still powerful but the frozen set or plagued just surpass because shock don’t multiply. Also I don’t know how one can make shock deal billions of dmg per hit because just like fire, it takes more effort to reach at least a billion. Fire at least is more powerful because inferno make it deal dmg quicker and theres also bleed with immolate and the amount of ticks it can cause increase many crushing blow chances and deadly strikes. Shock unfortunately isn’t that powerful like fire but can be combined.

The point is shock needs support for being a pure elements build if people dont want two elements or 5 elements. Its already hard enough for reaching a billion dmg but then theres the worry of not triggering as many crushing blows or deadlys unless you use specific weapon.

I guess I will test how I can make shock build and see if shock needs multiplyjng or not. Shock doesn’t have a set like the others (electrified is more reflecg dmg build set than shock set) and I want it to have some sort of set so it can at least compete with the op dmg of fire and other elements. Fire is op in pvp but in pve, its balanced a bit with some potential for op dmg.

I just wish shock was more used as a pure element because the debuff stack doesn’t feel like enough dmg.

I might test fire and shock first then see what pure shock (with certain weapons) is like. Whats stopping me is that I still have to exp farm which takes a while and that I need more crystals (lots and lots more).

Sure it will reach the dmg of frozen with less effort but it wont be more powerful than plagued+druidic (soo much morr powerful). Sounds op I know but it takes lots of raw dmg (jist like frozen) for it to be op in the first place.

A true op build though needs something to destroy insane hp enemies (like in floor 9k) where a billion dmg is nothing to them let alone a trillion. Crushing blow is actually the key thing that any build should trigger alot, even multiply builds. A multiplying build could only get so far without crushing blow.

This is all just an opinion though and how I feel but actually any build would destroy any floor as long as crushing blow helos and then huge raw dmg. Im not a pro, still just newbie.

For arena maybe shock can stay as it is or have a buff to make people switch from fire and bleed if possible.

Oh wow , how times have changed though. Shock in arena very good and even in PvE, shock gets a buff with Electrocution and deals higher damage. Great as a stack Debuff and multiplication with other elements too and even now, shock isn’t that bad .

Only thing is that fire gets too good of a buff aka Crushing flames and Frozen is still OP but shock isn’t useless . Shock only build will still have it’s disadvantage but at least there’s Electrocution sets , stack Debuff multiplied with hirlings and 1+ stack Debuff or more.

I remember also suggesting for arcane to be better but then Arcanist came out and weaken got buffed and ascendant became more useful . That I still use today but Arcanist less use. However ascendant I could have used even when weaken wasn’t the best but since weaken is so good , Ascendant just helps a bit extra. Arcanist was a bit more OP with Ascendant let’s be fair but now that Arcanist is different , it still hurts very well but it’s not OP and mainly build specific, which is a good thing.

Orbit elemental crit could be improved somehow though but yeah.

one thing about the Orbit elemental crit is that, even though it doesn’t work well while the caster is moving, or the enemy is moving fast, or against 1 or a few enemies, it works great against large mobs. usually, the bigger the mob, the more Orbits that are summoned. I don’t know how effective Orbits are at the higher floors, as I am working on ascending, but it works good on the floors I am on, under 200.

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Cool. Orbit isn’t that bad of a elemental crit either but it has its upsides and downsides. When you have so many orbits you don’t know what to do, it is a funny feeling and I remember having that in my EXP FARN BUILD with Discordance Orb rogue test build, before I developed it into the builds I posted today for PvE and PvP.

Also packsize.

It isn’t a MH or OH either and it probably cannot be affected by PTL , though some further testing to see. 100% DMG orbit can still deal 100% more DMG than normal attack and Celestial makes that 200% because of 1x 100% . Having high Celestial is pretty deadly but yeah.

Weaken is very good and arcane combined with Ascendant and Arcanist as well as Crits and many other factors.

Also since Celestial can make Orbit deal quite a bit of DMG and then combined with stack debuffs , Frozen explosions (if you had Frostbiting but most likely not) or other means.

I always thought arcane was one of the weaker elements but now that I played enough , I feel the opposite. Arcane is innately Weaker than other elements at least in PvP but in PvE, it was actually pretty good all this time and I didn’t quite realise it’s potential too well. I mean it certainly was weaker than other elements in terms of DMG buffs and potential DMG but it still had good potential.

Of course when Weaken did get buffed, that did help alot and probably necessary for that huge arcane buff.

I think it’s possible for a loop of Orbits maybe. Of course Arcanist helps too and many other factors.

Seems like All the Elements are well rounded now and more so than the past . Maybe not the best at pure form but gets better with some buffs.
Also having Dual elemental builds or Multi Element builds are already pretty OP. Ice + shock + frozen and then my debuffer warrior who basically deals the shock and arcane Debuff.

The arcane Debuff for the 62.5% reduce resists effect 100% of the time and combined with high Weaken 100%+ .
Yeah I could have used weaken and then ascendant debuffer warrior back then before Arcanist came out and weaken buffs but I was too short sighted to think that well like I do now and I was more of a newbie.

OK, I have to remember that this is a shock thread. So, in the early game, which is where I am at, I notice that shock, like all 4 of the elements, have maps based on them, making the monsters on those maps strong against that element. That makes arcane King Element for beginners. In the later game, when you have lots of loot to modify your gear, focusing on shock or a shock + combo becomes viable. Like you, I like how 3.0 improved the effectiveness of shock, fire, and arcane. Gives me some build ideas. Shock FTW!

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