New to the forums, newbie question

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here. I hope I can become part of the community :smile:

I have a lvl 73 Rogue and I was wondering if this set I’m using is decent enough to carry me through rooms 200+ when I get there eventually. I use a flintlock with the bomb, 27.8 CD reductionq for scattershot and 39.7 MP reduction plus the MP regen and MP leech for a lot of mobility. Any thoughts? Would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Hey HolyTaquitos, welcome to the community :smile:

Flintlock / Bomb is one of my more favorite combinations right now.

If you have time, screen shot of your gear will help us give even better feedback. If not, perhaps some of the Legends that you’re using.

Thanks, here’s my actual equipment. I don’t use legendaries because I have not enough funds to keep rolling their stats yet.

I have this Legen bomb I can alrternate to get some extra crit damage but sacrificing MP redcution.

And I’m also working to get gears for this bow :smile:

Looks solid! At some point while climbing maps, you’ll either need to a way of doing max damage while avoiding getting hit, or heavily increase your survive-ability so you can take a few hits. I usually use the Blood Magic set to survive, but I pathfinder can be pretty good as well.