New to this game

Lmao just started today and have no clue about anything any recommendations

Git gud
FARM hard
Don’t drink the water…

Nah. Seriously… there’s lots of help around here. But you will prolly have to dig in get wet a bit then ask more precise questions as you go.

Try this thread out.

And this one.

And here’s a few really helpful pages…


play DQ to get a feel for the game.
read the Codex and the DQ Forums to see what other players have learned and shared with other players.
experiment with crystals and myth stones to see how they change and affect your game play.
don’t let Delete Character take control of your game.
random drops are ok in the early game, you can customize your items later after you learn a little more about the game.
pets are fun, and add 6 more affix slots for your characters benefit, in addition to their special natures (an ability each pet has that can help you in your journey through DQ).
hope this helps.


Sir, good day thanks good day I love to play dungeon quest even on and off ,how can I find other player when going to arena? Or the multiplayer?