New update idea

I have a new ideas why don’t we add a new shop item in vendor like legend dust or crystal

Crystals already show up randomly in the Vendor Tab in the Shop. of course the more powerful the Crystal, the more Gold it takes to buy it.

or you can convert items to Crystals, it just costs gold. Normal, Magic, & Rare items only give a chance to get a Normal Crystal, Epic gives a 100% chance for Normal Crystals, Legend a 100% chance for Rare Crystals, and Eternal & Crystal Items a 100% chance for Ultra Rare Crystals.

as for Dust, it isn’t easy getting it in the early game, because you need Legend Items or better to even get it. the way around this is to just put more Luck on your Equipment or Hero Skill Points into Fortune Skill. using an Imp if you find one and putting your Pick Up Setting in Options on Legend+ means the Imp will eventually convert all items to be picked up into Legend Items that you can convert to Dust.


add gender on each class


no more updates i guess…