New user question

Hello guys!, im new to this forum, i want to ask if magic-epic items can have a crystal affix?
I usually see a lot of player picking items from normal to legend bracket but i prefer the legend only.
TY for the answer/s

All can have crystal affix. Even eternal items. The only difference is that you cannot put obsidian in an eternal item.

Legend items are favorable for placing crystal affixes because you might find affixes you want and wont have to waste lots of ruby to obtain a certain affix.

Oahh. I guess need to change my way of grinding items, TY again for the answer XD

Sori if u misinterpret my question or if i misinterpret your answer, what i mean is there a chance to pickup a magic-epic loot than has a crystal affix?

Wow, that would be a sight to behold. I’m guessing not, although it’s been a while since I’ve even picked up a magic, rare, or epic item.

as far as I can tell, any item that drops with a crystal affix is a crystal item. or if it has a green outline with a crystal affix, then it is an Eternal Crystal item. at least that has been my experience with item drops.

Yeah,we usually see legendary to have crystal affix but my main concer was if it is possible for just a random magic to epic item to have crystal affix? If so i think its outline color would be same as crystal legend item’s color(cyan). It’s really bugging me :frowning:

It is not possible

ahh, I see what you mean. I haven’t seen a random non legend/eternal crystal drop, but if it did, I would think it would have a cyan border. but I don’t think there would be a drop like that, as crystal affixes are pretty powerful.

Nope… You can only put crystal affixes from normal- epic… If an item has a crystal affix it will turn to a crystal item( light blue color).