New Vanity please fix

as you can see I already got the new vanity and it is not fit the vanity icon for wizard looks like double axe but when you wear it its not even close to the axe thing please fix in next patch
for those how will ask how i get it I don’t know too I just do a normal pvp at Dungeon quest version and then when I win it show that I unlock the new vanity this is also another bug report

Hey! It’s a known bug. Thanks for the bug report.

I see thanks this is the cause of not being updated for a while btw there is no eternal league? I only saw some mythic league players on the arena

Eternal league is some above 2000 rating and getting there alone if there is no similar rating players is really hard because you start gaining 3 rating per win become you are fighting with players that have 300-400 lower rating. The eternal league rewards you’ve earned because you were eternal last season. But it’s still a bug I think.

I see thanks only 1 player got 2k points atm

Eternal league will unlock when their are 10000 players in arena :smile:

seriously? i only saw few players :smile: they almost everyone in the arena is now stuck at mythic league then xD

Nah don’t worry about that the way arena is set up the mythic leagues are only the top 5% of all players :+1:

then i guess some of the old player is not update until today tho eve crono is not on arena right now :smiley: