New vanity please. Off hand weapon skin with lesser price :D :D :D

I hope my or our wish will be granted :innocent::astonished::sunglasses:


+1 to this suggestion. I like where you’re thinking. Also another suggestion is one or two more weapon vanities for Mh and possibly offhand?

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more vanities = :heart_decoration:

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Fashion Quest needs rebalancing :wink: :upside_down: :aussiecongaparrot: :coffeeparrot: :aussiereversecongaparrot: :sassyparrot: :explodyparrot: . Jk lol.

I believe we need some discount for Premium Stashes :smile:

I would definitely agree. I mean DQ will still be the price of a general 20$ physical copy if you bought all hirlings, premium stash+crystal/Mythstone stash and reveal map. A discount definitely wouldn’t be such a bad idea for anybody really. Cool suggestion.

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+1 for more vanity and the price to be reduce it a stupid idea … -_-
i recommend just expanding the old storage system…

More inventory space is always good I see but idk if we will have more inventory space . I did fill up all my stashes and basically 5 of my character inventories but 1 character inventory empty. I have so many items to store like pets, previous builds, etc. I do kind of wish for one or more stashes for sure. I’m a hoarder though which is why so many inventory slots taken but I mean I kind of need to keep so many legends that are pain in the butt to find sometimes.

20$ is cheap my god a game that has a great Replay value for me that 20$ is still low…

DQ is nice, but 20$ for a procedural mobile game is too much.
There are great “handcrafted” complex games on PC for that price.

The value of a game is purely the opinion of the user that being said dungeon quest is incredibly cheap compared to almost all other mobile games while being inline with the majority of PC games of it’s caliber all while having working good procedural generation which is actually one of the most difficult and expensive tasks to pull off when making a game ¯_(ツ)_/¯ :sassyparrot:


Yeah, that’s why it’s my only non-free mobile game :stuck_out_tongue:
The rest are usually crap, clones, grindy, pay-to-win, microtransaction-ridden, mostly-casual games.

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Yeah it’s awful :sweat: wish we had more DQ’s in the mobile space

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Just wanna get your opinion really quickly since you mentioned something in your post that made me curious!

Do you think a “handcrafted” game is more enjoyable than a procedural one? What I mean, is do you think a game that is not procedural generated, but has hand crafted levels appears to have higher quality?

Just trying to get a grip on what players expect these days :wink:


I agree. It’s the best game on mobile I’ve ever played and I kinda wish there were more games similar to DQ. Not the best game in the world but it’s pretty cool. I think this game can kind of remind me of Diablo, WoW, Dota, any game with a talent system, ARPG, Strategic multiplayer even though it’s limited to AI (which I don’t mind tbh), Titan quest , maybe Skyrim?,and some other title I don’t know of. It just feels right and very unique in the mobile space. I haven’t played those games but I have a general idea of what they’re like. I might play them one day if I get the chance though.

Yup. That’s why I tried my best to find a really good RPG but I couldn’t find any. I tried DQ first time and I thought they were just like all the other games but second try, got hooked and never regretted it. I mean the other real good game I played on mobile was Machine Knight but unfortunately it was way too short :slight_smile: but it didn’t be pay to win at least.

I could do a playthrough of the game again (I can’t stop replaying that game sometimes) although I’m too busy on DQ as well.

asking for discount is not a stupid idea. :confused: were not rich kid like you :frowning:

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True. I mean who wouldn’t want discounts? Why wouldn’t anyone want discounts.

Just further on the price of the game. I agree it’s cheap. Free to play is always good. The only cost is the vanities etc. Everything else is earned in game. Fabulous idea. I love vanities and don’t mind paying for them. What the game lacks in variety, more than makes up for in loot for builds etc. In saying that though, greater rewards for ascension would be kewl. Vanity items, more stash, auras. I’m on my eternal ascension grind and am collecting items for an attempt at 1 of the many builds out there. Kudos to DQ developers. Now bring on the vanities and rewards please. Hehe. Love your work

Discounts are something we would want to run as well, but here is the trouble we run into on our end.

When we made dungeon quest we started with some VERY old tech and some new tech that we made in order to build the game.

The older tech brings some good things (for example we can run on a TON of devices and our game doesn’t take a super powered device to run) and some bad things (we don’t have a way to run multiplayer systems on our games back-end and we have limited google/apple/amazon integrations).

Many new games can run discounts from a management dashboard provided by google/apple/amazon to make price changes across all of the versions of their game and those price changes are reflected in the game.

We don’t have that capability. I would have to change the price on 180 different in app transactions (across 4 platforms) and do simultaneous updates of the app across all providers (apple/google/amazon) and in all countries.

This process would take me days to do and I would have to do it all over again to reverse the price changes.

In a perfect world we would be able to offer in game discounts for play time, or quest completion, or anything really.

We don’t live in that world right now…but we hope to soon :wink:

As always thanks for everyone’s support AND great feedback, keep it coming!!


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