New wiz , ascended once so far

I need to know what my goals should be right now. I have an idea but I wanna see what others think

Farm till you drop bru. XD

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Lol. Uh huh. Just beginning last ascension, and s.t.i.l.l. farming… 0.o

complete the codex

I dont know if its possible to complete it. Certain things dont seem to complete (get the little x). :confused:

loot every legend, eternal item, read and complete feats

every eternal would took forever

It has been done before lol. It can be done again. Also thanks to patch 2.1 and above, it’s so much easier. The hard part is the effort to do so and then the Eternals with crystal affixes. Eternal codex is only one part of the challenge (I remember I had to note things down before eternal codex).

Well centrabpm done collect all Eternals of that time except for one eternal of all classes before Ascensions until new legends come out but not including Eternals with crystal affixes. Nowadays these are much easier to do of course.

But yeah it will take a while. I can definitely do it provided I’m not lazy to check my screenshots or farm build like I’ve been for a while. Although I used to be not lazy.

Yes there is eternal pets hunting as well but that’s not included due to the super probabilities involved but getting many eternal pets helps.

The easy part is doing it for one class. The hardest part is doing it for all 3 classes and making builds for them and actually doing it.

I know dust exists but yeah . Still, I gotten quite decently far. Only reason I even thought of this challenge was thanks to patch 2.1 Ascensions or so. From 650% gold and luck default to something like 1012% nowadays. Huge difference and of course the item drops are the same.

There are eternals which cost 12k dust each and even if you try dropping instead buying, it is almost same work (or even harder due probabilities). If you’re gonna take such challenge, better turn into a zombie before, LOL

But I’ve been doing this for over a year and I’m already quite far into it. I quite like this tbh. Keeps me interested and makes my farm builds more used than they can be.

Even just casually, I went real far into it. I will do this hardcore challenge though since that’s what I liked.

I already spent like hours and hours just to git gud and just to beat everyone in arena.

Also I don’t buy Eternals off of Legendex via dust anyway. I already know it’s easier to simply find them and I found a ton of them and half filled the eternal legendex (although some have been before the eternal legendex even existed).

Another way is also eternal chests, a great way to cheat this challenge. It’s still technically found legends though. Also Vendors. I don’t do the dust crafting way since that is costly and it doesn’t mean found, it means crafted…