New wizard needs some help on stats and skills

Hey all. I have been playing the game a bit, I am level 55, and I am loving it. I have been browsing the forums and reading guides but still feel somewhat lost as far as optimal skill and stat allocation as i level.

I do not know the optimal stat and skill point allocation for my wizard. Currently I have most of my stats in mana and power, a near even split, with only a few in health. I use mana shield, so I assumed this is optimal. Is this true? Do I want to just max one stat instead? Help!

Secondly , what are the skill points I want to invest in ? I am using orb , which I feel does the best damage, and clears fastest, and i have lots of arcane dmg on my gears so its arcane orb. Hence I invested 10 into orb, a few into mana shield, and the rest into intellect for more max mana and resists. I read somewhere I want to max fortune first? I’m lost. Where snd how do I invest my points as I level? Help !

Any and all information and input is much appreciated ! I’ve searched many times but can’t find what I’m looking for.

Last question …how important is a hireling? I only have the wizard so far and don’t usually spend money on games , which I guess I would have to to unlock a 2nd hero slot, correcr? I know it’s cheap, if it’s ESSENTIAL, I will do it, otherwise I’d prefer not to.

No worries you are likely on the right path. The thing that i can give u is an advice of how to play d game as im not a wizard main.The thing with the stats doesnt deal much of a thing when you are just starting specially when you havent have an ascension perk yet. So feel free to put stats on which you think you are comfortable with

For the skill points and the heroic points. You should invest points in to the skill which u are using the most. Most wizard users here uses orb+reactor build so you are somewhatcorrect on choosing your skill set.

As for the survival, investing on health point doesnt matter a lot specially on high floors. But as for you it matters so invest some of it on health or in manashield for this your survivability kit for now. Hireling does play a big role if you are aiming for max farming gear as it makes one of your char into farming while the other one does the dmge. If you are using only one char, it is hard for you to invest lot of points into farming cuz you need to invest on survivability for u to keep on climbing floors. But it doesnt mean that u need to buy another char just to progress in the game.

What you should b focusing is on how to acquire crystals and golds nvm the climbing floors for now. You should b finishing first all the arcs of the campaign in order for u to have a better grasp of the game.

Also keep mythstones and crystals that are important and high rarity. For now just use the low mythstones the one that has yellow writings on it and cheap crystals that are color blue and white.

It’s best for you to pay for hirling. Only 0.99$ per slot. I refused to pay for a while due to trying the challenge to see how far I could get without a single penny. Turns out, it’s far more challenging so I chose to pay just to speed things up and I got very far.

For one hirling, you get access to other class items easier as well as 100% bonus item drops above cap , extra DMG and some other benefits.

some of the in game purchases really enhance the gameplay experience, either by making the game easier or by saving you a ton of time. Here are some that I have purchased and why:

Character slots: I paid for the 5 extra slots. Paying for the first two extra is a no brainer. I don’t want to deleted a toon just to try another class. The other three slots I use as mules. Before 3.0 I was hoarding a ton of gear…

Special inventory bags: sure you can use in game gold to buy the first four shares stashes. But you can only get the mythic, crystal, and the last two shared stashes as part of a pay package. Sorting inventory and making space takes time. I always look at things this way - if I can save at least an hour in my entire playtime it is worth it since even if I only made minimum wage i just need to work for an hour to afford it. I rather not spend an extra 30 mins to an hour after each play session just to organize my gear and drops.

Monster perk: when I first started playing I payed for this a few times to complete the enslaver feart quickly for a legend pet. Now that you can edit legendary lets the biggest reason to do this is to get eternal pets.

Do not buy gold. Gold is so easy to come by. The first week or so it may be slow, but once you get your first 99 and ascend pick the dealer perk and your money problems go away.

This is a great game and it looks like the developers are constantly releasing patches. I’m happy to have payed a few bucks to enhance my playing experience and help justify the time spent by the developers in creating and keeping this game fresh. I’m still fairly new to this game but if t had never changed from its original release I would have been bored a lot time ago. Just patch 3.0 has kept me going after my first month of playing. I spend more on a meal at McDonalds then I have on this game and I’ve dumped over a hundred hours into this game so far.

If nothing else everyone should unlock one extra slot because having a hireling makes the game easier for farming and climbing floors.

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Not to mention if you want to try other classes, you’ll have a wider knowledge of the game with just that extra slot or so.

Also lol. Character slot very cheap. The premium stashes are worth it too and crystal/mythstone stash since it’s less hassle to sort inventories .

In total , I would have spent around just £10 or so to get all the unlocked features (excluding boosts and vanities). That’s an extremely good deal .

With vanities, I spent £20 more because I wanted to support developers and look cool but it’s still not huge amount of money as I can get that through gift card easily.
Another way is Google opinion rewards to support the devs and an iTunes app where you gain some credits to pay to support devs instead of gift cards or credit cards.

I never spent money on in app purchases other than this game but it’s worth it. Even for minimalistic purchase, extremely worth the money and time saving.

Wow guys , thanks so much for the replies so far! Much appreciated ! I am using orb like I said, and I have reactor on my weapon for the arc proc, and it’s been really nice! I might swap my arcane to cold damage, as I have a really nice frostbiting ring I want to use, and I have a 2nd Zeus weapon that is cold pierce , so that’s something I might test out, just have to replace a couple gear pieces with arcane damage bonuses on them to different pieces, hoping to build up a few sets of gear to test out different orb builds with different elements…

On another note, I bought a 2nd char slot just now, and made a warrior. I’m going to level him up to catch up with my wizard , and I got the single shared stash for 250k, that’s all I need for now…I did a single floor with my wizard and my level 1 hired warrior and lol he just kept dying so it was annoying but he did get a few quick levels which was nice and will give him a good starting boost when I start playing him.

Is warrior a good match for my wizard? I assume he would be best as a sword and board tank, while my wiz sits back and no blasts as a ranged dps…hehe…no clue about warrior stats, gear, or skills, so for now I’m just investing in health and strength , as I’m sure I’ll need those in anY viable warrior build, heh, and if I totally screw up I guess I csn always respec…xD

Cheers guys! Keep the tips coming! Wow I love this forum!


It’s why we’re here. I love it too.

If u rely on manashield for defense, just add points on Power and Mana like 2:1 to maintain good fire-power and def.

Orb is good, if u use Orb add heroic point on orb first for damage, then add Fortune for gold and item drop chance. Reator Set is must-have as it give Orb the Arc-like effect that damage mobs quickly. Add Explosive even better as it give u AOE effect :blush:

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This game has worth to spend your money for sure. I also do not pay for game like you however i already paid 600yen from Japan… ahh

Paying is worth it heheheh makes the game better too.

Thanks mate! I just got some eternal blast gauntlets wirh over twice the dps of my reactor orb setup ao I swapped to those snd respecced twister blast, seems to be working better for now, but thor orb is still dope, might go that end game…not sure, is twister blast viable end game ?

It is, or u can simply change gaunlet Special to Orb :smile: If I’m not wrong, Blast have 300% damage, if so add Discordance to weapon, have Multi Attack x4, change skill to Orb and u r good :wink:

Yup that’s right.