Newbie asking questions :)

Hi to all i just start this game “i know its too late” but i just find it now :slight_smile: so as i see the characters maybe already have post like this sorry if this is a repost but i have to ask i really like the rogue one but i dont know any build or something like this…i would like to ask if there is any good build about rogue that deal a lot of dmg and have potential i mean you dont only do a lot of dmg but you have and dodge or life steal or armor or something to dont die so fast…So to sum up i need help to start playing and choose talents etc for rogue who will do a lot of dmg and dont die so easy…if there is one warrior build which one do the same i wanna hear that too i think that i like only this 2 classes thanks for your time :smile:

Click where it’s blue 2.0

You can check this out also

my opinion of priority for simple pve build
+2 set affixes (4)
HP or MP on hit
Blood Magic set item
Vampiric set item
Fauns Gift set item
1 crystal affix for crit, crit dmg, haste, and luck
multi and extra attack
Pickup radius/Fortune/Luck/Item Drops

perhaps some movement speed and momentum + adventure set affix for faster farming