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Good day everyone, understand DQ has been in store for quite sometimes but its first time for me. So well just drop by say hello to everyone here. I’m into mage now. Any tips for newbie mage?


Hello. Welcome to the game of trial and errors. :slight_smile:


Thank you Panga
Its kind of repetitive but its additive .

Welcome @RaymondGPS

I would recommend reading the tips and tricks below. There are some very good links to crafts etc to help you succeed. You will likely find a craft that will fit your play style. If you have any specific questions, take a look in our questions thread. Good luck. :+1:

Info on tips and tricks

Question Thread


Thanks Mr. Scooty. Will look into it.

welcome ! im still newbie too here on forum.

I was a newbie 7 months ago. Best advice is to start off and test every item you find to feel how it plays. Very quickly you will find your playstyle and which skills suit your style. Then check out the guides of people (on here) for ideas about sets, gear, making items, using mythword etc. It’s a huge game. Have fun

enjoy. its a gud’n. :slight_smile:

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Dont craft immortal build and we are gucci. (Joke). Welcome good new player

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Haha… thanks everyone. I still don’t understand half of the stuff here. I just follow with the game flow. But still at normal difficulty only.


I dont understand much either so I compensate by making my own builds. They , at least, make sense to me lol


Same :slight_smile: . After that, then I tried to learn how the game works from better players to enhance my dream ideas. DQ great for creative builds and arena is fairly nice in how it feels in controls and competition even if i am facing A.I.


yeah i do enjoy arena now too. i have weak equpment but i do pretty good. now at lv 4. haha XD

btw guys i have this little question. sorry if i post it at the wrong section. as a mage. the stat allocation advise all into power/str?

If you need more mana or hp, you can invest some stat point into them but generally i would invest many stat points into power. Many build invest all 99 stat into power but some invest a third or half of their total stat point into MP or HP combined with power for dmg. `

This guide can be useful for finding more exact calculations with MP and HP stat points for PvP: