Newbie here - First time playing

I cant find a single guide here for beginners. All the guides here are either builds/farming guides that require to have reach floor 200/level 100.

Can someone tell the fastest way to level 100 as a wizard? What build should i focus on and tips/strategy to do them? I am currently a level 36 wizard with 20 talents in storm, all stats on mana and saving money to buy random legends on the vendor store.

Try this one :grin: Wizard Build [EarthShaker] [PVE or 2V2 PVP] version 2.0 with Video

That is exactly the reason why there’s pretty much no newbie leveling guides. Your success in leveling largely depends on the loot you get. So here are my suggestions:

  • Don’t put heroic points on skills right away. You’re better off increasing fortune to get better loot.
  • Your base damage is pretty low, so use items with flat bonus damage.
  • You may even favor epic or rare items over legend items. thats ok.

because I got a pretty decent epic wand with +1k arcane damage and +8% arcane damage. So i put in all my heroic skill on storm (now currently at 20). Is that okay? you will reset your skills when you ascend right?

Also my stats its all in mana. is that okay?

You will not reset heroic skills when you ascend but you can reset them manually for 10000 gold per point you have speced and yes having all of your points in mana is completely fine :smile:

You didn’t look.

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Here’s a tip that will save you time leveling up. If you find a piece of gear with the stat ignore resist, equip it if you don’t already have a piece with it. It doesn’t matter how bad the other stats are. Different enemies have different resists so equipping a piece of gear with the ignore resist stat will allow you to deal full damage to that enemy regardless of what element you are using. This will help you kill quicker and level up faster. You only need one piece of gear with it, any more and it’s a wasted stat.

While there is definitely some useful info there, it doesn’t really read as a beginner’s guide, but more of a guide for a mid level player trying to become an advanced player. There is no true beginner’s guide for this game that I have seen so far, at least not of the type typically seen for more popular games.

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Trust me, you will learn everything so well beginner or not. When i first started forums, i was a beginner but my first post happened to be my favourite build, aftermath guide. Now i am collecting crystals a few months later, learning about how other build works and going for maximum ascension.

Just read every useful guide here, they pretty much tell you to transition from beeing a newb to being an active crafter.

For eg, the crystal crafting restriction, skauls HTT , looking at certain builds, crystal enchanting secion, guides section and certain other posts. You just gotta read, read, read until you understand and apply that in game.