Newbie Here.. Wizard Build need some advice

need some advice on my wiz build… im on floor 1662 M3. :slight_smile:

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if you are using this build to climb floors, you don’t need the Eternalized Set or any of the 3 Luck affixes you have. I think that what ever you replace the Luck affixes with should synergize with what ever Set affix you replace the Eternalized with, maybe Demonic? maybe replace the 2 Crystal Lucks with 2 Blistering, and replace the Luck on the pet with +50% Bleed Damage? this way, Crushing Flames gets enemy HP down fast, and then Demonic kicks in when the HP gets down to 25%, and all that boosted Immolation damage from the Crushing Flames Bonus gets boosted even more by the Blistering Bleed Damage, which will get boosted by Demonic near the end of the enemies life.

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I think you should lower floor to 500 for farming since any higher won’t increase tier crystal rarity on floors and after floor 1000 , there won’t be anymore legends that would be found in higher floor so my max limit is 1000 for specific items like Eternalized Amulet and Ring (dust exists too), floor 500 for crystal farming constantly, etc. Floor 200 i farm just for gold and tons of legends to salvage into dust or convert into crystals (eternals and crystal legends are common there too but not short in floor 500).

I’m not surprised you climbed this high though, Crushing Flames is a monstrous set that really made fire more viable with crushing blow to climb floors easier and do it for many floors+ inferno+ demonic and other things.

Anyway add Eternalized (5) for Eternal finding and converts (up to you as Obi wan suspected that it might not be working properly) , Crystalline (use if farming crystals in 500 and finding crystal legends) , Nadroji (for rare legends and legend pet) , Optional is Mythical if short on mythstone but floor 500 is better.

Make sure to have Max Item Drops , Max Gold Find, Max Luck, use fortunate +treasured ascension perk and another good option is Epiphany set to raise the caps by 25%. Of course invest in hirling too.

Then have a look at this guide to help:

For dmg, crushing flames (5) or higher, Inferno , Demonic is option, Bleed 50% dmg or vampiric touch, 200% WD on weapon that you mainly use, a certain amount of ED% (300% or so is nice), keep the weaken, keep the multi and extra attack for wand, the other affixes look okay. Glasscannon, Barbarian, Push the Limit will increase dmg though. Hero Points, Sorcery talent 20 doubles dot or 40 to triple dot dmg, Amplify, remove effective as I find that it reduces DMG when using high weaken of 90-100% or higher. Keep 30% elemental critical, Use exposed only if you have piercing attacks (Wand with 2x 50% pierce chance mythstones), Momentum + move speed for a nice dmg boost and dodge /block to survive attacks.

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InFinity InFinity Build is enough to climb to infinite floor . The floor is infinite so I craft a build that can reach infinite floor too :slight_smile:

Can you show us your infinity build?

lots of crystals are burned just to make this one… lol! DMG increased… i need more crystals. obsidian, amethyst and lots of ruby.

what about this? for farming crystal purpose.

yes… i noticed that… floor 1000 and up, even if you use 225% luck on your gears. small chance of getting legends and eternal items…


which is better for skull? braincage of insolence?

I will post the video of that build boss .

Okay , im not interested on the video😆

The video is not for you sir .

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No need to stack twister proc in pve. In pvp that’s different. But build is looking good

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at one point, when I was Ascending my first Character, my build morphed into a Staff with Twister, and I had 50% Twister Proc. I had Prismatic, and since my Proc and Spell had same cool down, I had double Twisters flying out of my Staff about 40% of the time I used Twister, and it was great when they were different Elements. it wasn’t 2 Twisters side by side, but 2 different Elements twisting together. made for some cool looking Twisters and lots of damage.

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Any proc in pve is generally good. Maybe substitute one with another proc. Pick one at random. I like procs :slight_smile: it’s good you add all skills because it also gives the procs that skill level . 12 all skills is max

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