Newbie needs help

gust just started playing DQ for a week, any ideas on cheap farming build for a rogue? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i think you have to play it a little longer until you find legend items… items with pathfinder, permafrost, and frozen sets are good for rouges but it depends in you…

then… you can post your build here then thats when we can help you :slight_smile:

Uploading… i have legendaries up to 200th floor rn im on 350th normal, i want to reach floor 500, i guess legend set wont fix that gap right?

You can set difficulty to very easy if you would like to reach floor 500 easily

i reached floor 500+ with mythic 3… with a “very easy” difficulty i think you cannot find stronger items in there i suggest it would be a “mythic” difficulty

Why there aren’t any skill that boost Whirling Blades ? U will need that more than Boomerang.
The “Bonus” affixes must suit ur build, and they must be “Activated” or u just got an useless Affix :relaxed:

It is for the Crystals and ms
Fundamentals for a good build

aahhh ok its up to you then…

I agree… ithink you should have a “periphery” as a set it would be better if you use boomerang… and u should complete that bonus

Boomerang good for 1v1 again the BIG ones, the return chakram damage is huge :smile:
Whirling Blade is good too, clear mobs very fast with % pierce damage, I use Mirrorcast+Specialist+Element to proc LOT of Chakram, not the best build but it’s fun :blush:

reaching flr 500 very easy mode is ok for farming?

is it better to go for boomerang, flat weapon damage, or percentage weapon damage?

i just picked up fresh stone of nadroji, what good items for farming can i join with that, i cant craft items yet, only legend ex items i have 1500 dust now

Farming crystals and ms…