Newbie needs help

Hi guys, I ve just played DQ for few days, my wizard is 92 and rouge 89. Now I feel it is so hard to lv up and find better gear to increase my stats. I have 2 questions and hope someone could spend sometime to help me.

  1. I ve reached fl 200 and Im using maps to climb up to 250, however I lost a recent run so I have no map for fl 251 =>> back to 200. Is that what the game supposed to be or is there anyway to continue from where I left?

  2. Farming MS and CS seems to be a pain in the *** haha, anyway to do it faster?

Have fun guys… Thank you.

  1. you had to buy a map on a level u were b4 u leave. now carry on from the highest u have or 200
    2)go to level 100-what you still find “very fast killing” and try to clear it as fast as you can… and do it again and again. %IQnty would help as an affix. also u can buy those in the shop. having a hireling is usefull. salvage/convert low level stones would help you to get a lot of high level stones. and many more unmentioned. farm is the key. you have to farm fast and a lot of levels

Also enemy difficulty…make sure you increase that to increased drop rates etc.