Newbie on Rogue

Hello guys! im new to this game and I choose rogue what build should I follow?

In the beginning you don’t have much choice, but I suggest chakram + vial poison build with Plagued.

can you show me what it is? sorry im still new to the game

You can check out my Rogue Farming Build :smile:

I meant items like this:

You can check the codex for where this items can be found.

but im still lvl 30 i cant get items like that!

gun or bow for newbie rouge :smile:

ohhhhh! thanks bro

I want a temporary set form farming purposes

ice element :smile: frozen and permafrost

actually my build uses items that can be farmed from floors 200 and below. for now, just use whatever legendary items you can get and try to pick among the three weapons, chakram, flintlock, bow. In that way, you would be able to customize your farming set according to your weapon preference.

you can get this items even if you are lvl 30

im still farming right now to get those items! wish me luck

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Yep, wish you the best of luck!

But don’t forget to pray to our RNG god :slight_smile:

still farming here! it says in the codex that chaos can be “found in the forest, found past floor 16”. What does that mean?

It means that it only drops from monsters when you are playing in the forest - dungeon which is green and has trees and a lot of green slimes. There are 4 types of dungeons - poison, shock, ice and fire (4 elements in the game). Poison is the place that I described above. Shock = found in the desert, Ice = found in the snow, Fire = Found near lava.

“Past floor 16” means that you have to play on floor 17 or above. The earliest floor that is past 16 and also forest is floor 21.

ahhhh so thats it! im playing the dungeon on mythic 2 difficulty! and the items I equipped are all having gold find and luck

what do you mean? can you show me the build?

don’t have ice build for now but there are lots of ice build here in the forum just dig in :smile: