Newbie question regarding exp

Hello everybody!

I just started to play recently and i love it. Hard work grinding offline game neverending, sign me up.

After searching on forum and also playing i made a plan to play.

In my opinion ascending is most important on a character and since that only requires exp , i only focus on that for now.

As far as i understood exp is capped per monster at 100 ish , so m3 100 will give same exp as m3 1864 level, so i just spam maps around here on mithic 3 with pack size mostly and rare epic enemies.

I made it so that i have 200 bonus exp from my gears bonus and mythic stone bonus. So that is done


I saw a mythic item on amulet called adventure. Now can some1 tell me if my fina goal is to finish all ascendings for perks , so basically leveling for now, wouls that really make a huge difference? If it would be so good, can tell me best item to use it on? I mean maybe make nadroji , strip off all beside nadroji and set numbers, and then add mithical adventure? I gathered quite a few crystals
I saw it gives exp as gold collected so seling items and with dealer perk won t help me.

Collecting gold i get around 200k i think per map cleared here at 100 ish floors.

Is it really worth to invest in an adventure mithic ? For 200k exp more per map , i don t think so, but i wish to see other opinions agrumented.

I am already at 2 nd almost 3rd perk.

Got fortunate and dealer already.

Next will be the shrine buffs to sinergy with my hunter ring and next eternal and crystal legend drop, followed by feats reduced , but i think i ll have lvl 99 hero points till then , and last hunter because , why waste a grinding perk when can make an easy ring

So if my logic is not faulted , just need perk 4 maximum 5. And now i am at almost 3.

So is it worth to make and if make adventure amulet, i want it to make it good. Tell me the way please.

Thank you

Or any improvements at all? I have 2 eternal ascended bonus
2 eterna adventure bonus
2 nadroji jewelries

I only added exp stones and crushing blow to kill enemies faster
As affixes i could only change on nadroji one affix and chose dodge


Again i just want to level up. Faster the better
I play rogues with boomergan . I gather monster use mirror and use the skill of boomerangs and all almost die instantly at 100 ish mithic 3

I cant put more than 1 photo, because i am new …

Replying to my own thread, that is sad.

Came with an update and maybe info

I just noticed 3rd ascension cost 15kk so i guess it increases by 5kk per perk.
Thank god for dealer second.

Adventure makes a massive difrence especaily if you have a high gold drop rate. Your on the right path here but think of it like this, you have probaly figured out by now you can study a map and figure out what bonus exp it will give you, but those maps also give extra gold, so esentialy, you more or less have two seperate exp increaseing stats on maps. If you want even more bang for your buck, use crystals to reroll map afixes until you see the map afix “pack size” and use a crystal to reroll the maps stats till it reads pack size is 100% or above, the max i think is 150% the idea is is those map exp and gold bonuses is aplied to EVERY monster on that floor meaning you just increased your proffit yeild by 100%. And dont worry about it takeing presious gold, because it gives you as much exp as you colect gold. Meaning advwnture just gives you free exp for colecting gold you would have got any ways. If you want to go even more insane and have a lot of gold to blow only use maps that have gold and exp drop rates of close to or over 1k so that bonus becomes cracked with increased pack size. Also dealer and selling items dose not seem to count as gold colected sadly.

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Side note, i actualy think adventure is so good i put it on a level 1 amulet with a quest rune exp gain and gold drop rate. It levels you up at a very nutty rate espesialy early game which means your exp gain is sped up any ways because you can level up to 50 as fast as posible to use your normal set plus the adventure amulet. Though personaly my whole asension set is level 1 or two. But aside from all that your welcome for the knowledge. Edit: if you want to literaly throw every thing away just to add a cherry to the cake of exp insanity you just brewed, throw in a imp and set your item pick up to ledgend up only and they will ocasionaly drop gold. ._. Exp for dayzzzzzz…

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from my experience adventure mythic is trash (since u get 200k/enemy for low xp enemies like slimes), but level 1 it might be good.


you are going to want the 6th Perk, unless you never plan on usning any of the other Ring Mythics in the future. unless you have 2 Rings, one with Hunter Mythic for activating Shrines and one with the other Mythic for the rest of the Map.

I didn’t use Adventurer Mythic while Ascending 3 of my Characters (wanted Sanctuary for defense), until I was almost done with Ascending my Rogue & Warrior (level 93 of my last Ascension). I did notice that I leveled up a little faster, and my only Gold Boosts were from Difficulty M3 and any Green & White Shrines I activated. my Ascending Builds for my Rogue & Warrior were half Myth Stones & half Epic & Legend affixes.

my Wizard Ascending Build was Crafted for Ascending. It had the Nadroji Bonus for +100% Magic & Rare monster spawns. I used Larimar & Diamonds to get good % for +200% Magic & +500% Rare monsters, +150% Pack Size, the +1-2 monster affixes (one gives extra xp for the monsters that have it, and one gives extra loot drops for the monsters that have it). of course I didn’t get max % all the time, but the best possible.

get ready, Perk 6 costs 30m Gold. and you’re correct, the cost goes up 5m per Perk.

Thank you for all answers!

I think i ll just buy a 2 hour exp boost and play the game and see how it goes. Maybe is better than asventure mithic as an investment.

Also, if i buy the premium stashes , i seee i get crystal and mithic stash. Will that be a special stash only for the stated items and they automatically go in that stash when picked up? I would really like extra space for more items to pickup and sell with dealer.
Currently need sell them 2-3 times during a map with 2 empty stashes and 2 rows of the 3rd

Thank you!

Sanctuary might be a better investment , maybe it would solve my problem and i could farm at 201 .

Does it have a cooldown or is once per life? I mean , i am now alive, i get saved once and untill i die will never get saved anymore?

At 201 i understood i get same exp as 101 , but at least i wouls have the chance for nadroji robe and hat to drop, but if they manage to hit me , i am dead. :frowning:

sanctuary has 30 sec cd. You can also use smoke bomb as special OH if you have no room for dodge/block in your build. It lets you dodge next attack with 4 sec (i think) cd

Yes actualy thats exactly what it dose. Its very efective and on top of that it automaticly organizes them all from the lowest teir to highest teir myths and crystals.

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Thank you all for answers

as far as getting Items that you want for your build, you either have to farm where they drop or just convert some of your Legend+ Items to Dust and buy the Item from the Codex > LegnedEx, after you unlock it with Dust or finding it as Loot. then just go back to floor 100ish for experience again.

Smoke Bomb has a 5(?) second CD, and the CD can be lowered by putting Skill Points into Smoke Bomb or putting the Cool Down affix on your gears.