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Is aetherial drain crit chance counted as all elem crit that has a cap of 40% or is it counted like the freeze/toxic etc that can go over the cap of 40%?

It probably is counted towards critical chance and would be effected by the cap. I am not sure. However if you wear an epiphany set item you can raise the cap level higher :sunglasses:

I think I remember a post saying the extra Elem. Crit doesn’t count towards the Cap. I just did a Search for it, but didn’t find it. I do remember another post saying that the Elemental Crit Cap was for the Wizardry Talent, so the Aetherial Drain boost would act like Legend Elemental Crit or the individual Epic Elemental Crits. they can get you over 40%. but now I feel like putting it on one of my Builds just to see it in action. the only reason I haven’t really used it is because it affects MP Regen like Vampiric Touch affects HP Regen.

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Thank you for your response. Please let me know when you have the result

Another question. I saw a patchnote on the wiki that sureshot now triggers deadly strike not critical strike on enemy with 100% hp.

Is applicable until now ver 3.1 or it only triggers crit?
2nd does deadly strike applies on elem crit?

it might be awhile before I do that, I have a lot of things going on just in DQ. need my Wizard to farm for stuff, and am Ascending a Rogue & Warrior Team.

although the Stat Page says Elemental Crit Cap is +40%, looking at the Attack Stat Page, you can get your individual Skills up to +100% Elemental Crit. Wizard Wizardry Talent can only get up to Rank 40, which is what I think the EC on the Stat Page is referring to. on lower floors where monsters are easier to kill, high EC can be very helpful. on higher floors where the monster is still alive and after becoming immune to 5-6 EC’s, the space taken up having an EC higher than +40% to +50% takes away from having affixes that can do DMG without having EC’s.

sureshot still triggers Deadly Strike on an enemy with 100% Health. but if you don’t have at least +300% Crit DMG, it is a waste of space. this is more useful in PVP, but if you Craft a Build around it, it could be useful in PVE also. Brutal would be a better Mythic for consistent Critical DMG.

Deadly Strike works with Elemental Crits, but works differently depending on the Element.

Shock: an attacks DMG is increased based on how many Shock Debuffs are on an enemy. this increased DMG would go even higher with Critical Hits & Deadly Strikes. if an enemy is affected by High Voltage, any Critical Hits & Deadly Strikes also do even more DMG while High Voltage is in effect. High Voltage only lasts as long as Paralyze does.

Ice: Frostbiting works just like High Voltage and affects Crit Hits & Deadly Strikes the same. Frostbiting only lasts as long as Freeze does.

Fire, Poison, & Bleed (I know Bleed isn’t an Element): these DoT’s are based on the DMG of the attack. for enemies hit by multiple attacks, the highest DMG DoT of the same Element is used until the DoT duration comes to an end, or an even higher DMG DoT is caused. multiple DoT’s from the same Element don’t stack, but DoT’s from different Elements do stack. so Crit Hits & Deadly Strike mean higher DMG DoT’s. the Elemental Crits of Fire & Poison do extra DoT DMG based on the DoT DMG of their respective Elements (Immolate for Fire and Toxic for Poison). not only that, but all of these DoT’s, even for Bleed, can also do a Critical Hit & Deadly Strike/Brutal, and Crushing Blow. Blistering adds Bleed DMG based on Immolate DoT DMG, and Blight increases the DMG of Toxic DoT DMG.

Arcane: with Ascendant Set and Ascendant & Arcanist Set combination, Crit Chance & Deadly Strike can give high DMG with Arcane Debuff. this is also a Prismatic Build, so you are dealing with multiple Elements at the same time, so it might take some time to get used to it. Orbit can do Crit DMG & Deadly Strike, not sure about Crushing Blow, and Celestial increases the DMG of Orbit.

there are also a few Talents, Skills, and Affixes that can increase the DMG of any of these attacks.

Wow thanks. That’s alot of info. Appreciate it much :slight_smile:

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