Newbie Question

Hi there, just asking what are the affix to make my dmg more bleed?

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Bleed DMG

Bleed Damage+Razored+ what more?

Vampiric Set?

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Use elixer to add talent max “40” for higher bleed…you can also use bleed chance

Elixer but how?
Oh i see bleed chance

Elixer is a mythic stone
You can also use ruptured see details in mythics

Oh thanks. Im gonna check it now.

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I have 2 100% blistering. It will affect too?

It means on 200% blistering whenever you get an elemental crit with fire, jt also has a high chance to bleed for 200% fire dkt dmg.

So i need Element Crt dmg too? In order to use this?

You need to be able to elemental crit from coat, talents, affixes / mythics to be able to use effects like blistering, blight, celestial, high voltage and frostbiting which is basically better versions of freeze, immolate, toxic, orb and paralyse (if it’s called paralyse) .

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