Next button and back button in inventory do not pick item from ground any more

It was a reasonable old feature

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Believe it or not it was a “bug”. A convenient bug but still a bug nevertheless. It got fixed along the way to 2.1

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Noooo. It made mass seling much easier.

You didn’t actually even have to hit next and back. As soon as you sold items you automatically filled the empty slots. You could hit sell sell sell and you would sell everything that had been on the ground.

+1 for making the bug a feature.

I hated that bug.

WHY? It made selling so easy!

Well, I encounter a bug every time I open my inventory where the sell button is undo. I’ve been meaning to report it, actually. It undoes my previous sale without item return.

Perhaps. But I’m voting for something better, like autoselling junk for (almost) infinite dungeoning pleasure :wink:

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That’s something that would definitely be more convenient, but I’m not sure that it would be good for the game. Sometimes those minor annoyances are what help keep a game addictive.