Nice to be back. πŸ˜‡



IGN: Sieghart


You got some pretty strong warrior there​:joy::joy:




@ZOMBOY was looking towards fighting you in the arena but I beat someone else and went up a division so I missed you. I dropped 2 division yesterday so I may catch you :slight_smile:


Update @ZOMBOY later that same day I fought you. Long fights. Many draws. Always 2 last standing characters. Eventually 3 to you :blush: Did video it but can’t upload to YouTube due to viruses issues


You can beat my old warrior, just give a Nice jucy crit and GG to youπŸ˜‰!


Cheers @ZOMBOY :slight_smile: it was your warrior causing me grief in pvp 2v2. The other character just died instantly


I know, i was testing a knew build to my warrior, my wizz is whyd farm build, i just use my warrior on 2x2 :yum:, He solo Carry my wizz :joy: :rofl:!


I have two strong wizards in 2v2 but I should focus on an off class 2nd character.


@ZOMBOY we fought again today. This time you won 3 to 2. I changed strategy. Kill zowboy and keep both characters away from the warrior till the round over notice.


@dickwad on which division are you?


1 v 1 eternal div 4. 2 v 2 mythic div 1


Good One Pall :slight_smile: !


I Change my 2x2 setup, know is more easyπŸ˜„ for every one😁!


Hmm I tried swapping my hireling and main over and playing pvp and found it kill better lol . How simple was that :fearful:


@dickwad @ZOMBOY im stuck @ div 3 Eternal. guess i need to rearrange, and change some stuff on my gears. BLEED DOT ON ARENA totally sucks. :persevere:


Its you opinion!
I wont do nothing to Change that…
Just becouse i can use bleed to get nΒ°1 on Eternal league dosen’t mean that you can to…

If you are stuck on div3 Eternal, just play and you Will get out, up or down, i don’t know…, its up to you, but if you play you Will get out :+1:!


@kiane_zaine fight Bleed with Bleed, or get Perseverance 1x for 40% reduces DoT, 2x for 80% reduced DoT, 3x for no more DoT problems.