Nid assist. about my new looted eternal item

Anyone there i could ask for my new eternal loot item i got my item coz i have heard about other people hacking items here at Dungeon Quest thats why i decided to get ur opinions (Admin) or whoever concern about what i have looted : I would like to remind you guys about what i have got . . i asure you guys that i got this from farming and it is not cause of any program or cheats i dont have any knowledge about cheating and programming. . .

@challenge map floor 250+ and heres the description of the item:

Eternal Ragnarok

Defiant (Green)
+34.8% Reduced CD (Cyan)
+43% Control Duration (Red)
+167.7% Weapon DMG% (Red)
+45.2% Orb Proc (Red)
+39.6% Shock DMG% (Epic/Orange)

there is the description of my eternal chakram this topic is open for all free to comment guys or any admin could verify my item i tell this coz i dont want to be reported as i am cheating coz i will never do that thanks for reading this topic

Any item you obtain through conventional means (not cheating) is perfectly okay. It may be a bugged item, but it is still usable.


hmmmm does it means that i wont get ban bcoz of this :frowning:

Yes as long as the item was not hacked in you will be fine :smile:

If it isn’t hacked, you won’t get banned.

ahhh thats Kewl . .

nothing to worry coz im a fair player…

Im so jealous. @Cyclone got a rare Eternal Legend with Crystal Affix. RNG God Level :angel:

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i find this post very defensive. lol.

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yah man . . .coz i dont want to get accused by looting an item that i get from farming. . .im just assuring that i will not get banned bcoz of this :grimacing:

heh just got luck item set bro. . .heres mine. . . .Im Using an Eternalized Weapon + crystalline Headgear and 1 nadroji + 1 elixer on it and bcoz of those items. . i got 550% eternalized and 550% crystal (items + asencion perk) u could try this build too.

and heres the item that i got last night… . . :grin: