Night maps

I can’t see anything on these maps… I just had one so dark that I had to turn on an aura for my character just to give myself some form of lighting but other than that I had to move around following the little blue dot on the map

I was wondering if these ‘Night maps’ could be changed so that maybe they follow the time of day of the player or can simply just be a toggle in the options

Pitch Black

Yea exactly, I just searched the forums and seems like I’m not the only one to have mentioned this, the one I found was mid April and noted by Refia so I think me mentioning this again won’t matter either way but these maps make the game completely unplayable, especially when it’s sunny outside and I’m sitting on the bus

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I see why. The only way you can complete these maps in daylight is the blue dot as I found out but it’s been ages since I last had a pitch black map strangely.

I feel you though. I mean yes the vanities do give lighting but other than that, completely unplayable at certain times.

Time of day would actually be a better idea.

Hahahaha love those maps xD esp. With tnt props and sky fall hahahah

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I sometimes love the dark maps too , especially with the Twilight blue light filter and it is relieving on the eyes at night. Also more juicy loot drops! High FX especially.

I probably don’t get truly pitch black maps because of Low FX and ultra low shadows. Yes shadows make dark maps all the more better.

I love being hit before seeing anything, lmao

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This varies by device. Some devices have a moddy/purpleish, green, or red look to them (the intended look of the dark maps) and some devices only result in “dark” or no light maps.

The best thing to do if your device exhibits this type of behavior is to go to the shop and buy another challenge map, this will be the same floor number, and since each challenge map look is random hopefully you will not get another dark map.

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That’s fine but I don’t push highest floor, instead I look for a map that gives 600%+ exp gain, is around floor 500, then add pack size and set that value to be at least 120%
Plus with my farming build (when I can see) I can complete the maps in 1 minute (30 seconds is my record) so it actually takes longer to craft the maps than to complete them

I think I see what you mean, I just got a map that looks like this

Which I will admit looks pretty cool but what I see more often is this
Which is much more difficult to play and doesn’t look as pretty… but I see what you mean that is can’t simply be made into a toggle to turn off :confused:

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what kind of device are you playing on?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Note
To be honest at times it can be a little irritating to close the inventory with the curved edge :joy: :sweat_smile:

I really doubt I’m going to quit my Eternal map for a random magic Map for the sake of a floor number. :joy:

I’ll take my chances swinging in the dark. Worst case scenario… I hit a wall and then… Move away from it.

SKILLZzZZz mycuzzie.

Revive.x20=robbedblind. :frowning:

I have an S8+ here at the office…will try to reproduce this map issue on my end.

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Thank you, it’s not every map but the dark/dusk maps can be quite difficult to see with the sun lately

Yeah definitely. S7 and S6 are no exceptions to dark maps. I still wish for a dark map to appear once more as it’s been so long but it does suck to get it often. If it’s eternal maps or farming, generally I wouldn’t skip and raise brightness but if you have nothing to lose, switching maps is perfectly a good way to solve the darkness issues.

I find that dark maps are usually only on the fire maps with edges and sometimes temples. Although even in the day, I don’t seem to have too many issues and pitch blacks but maybe something is wrong with the map picture you posted with how it looks like. It does suck playing dark maps in daylight though .

No I had one of the ice map yesterday which was very INTeresting… WALLS EVERYWHERE :joy: :joy: :joy:


are you all using the “game booster” features that samsung devices support?

I don’t know if that is the correct term but at least on the Galaxy S8 there is the games folder that lets you change how the game performs on the device.

if so, I want to make sure I am testing it the same way on my end.

I’ve just tried it with performance optimiser and without, but still getting the dark maps… I’ve had a look around my settings and can’t see anything else to adjust screen display (tried changing the resolution too, no different)