No HP Regen Bug. I dont get hp at all!

Hello so i describe it quick. I got hp regen on my amulets and stuff but it dont want to change in the status screen. And not only that it wont change in the status screen it just dont gives me any HP! I tryed to change armor and its the same problem. Help!

Do you have Vampiric Touch on your equipment?

Omg dude im new in this game sorry. I didnt knew. Ty

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No problem, that’s what we are here for ;)!


Ya lol.

Lots of synergies, combos, mathematics (Mostly for precise DPS calculation if you really want great powerful builds or tanky builds) and stuff to do. Lots of concepts and of course reflexes for PvP and PvE.

DPS formula isn’t that hard to calculate though.

Basic concept is that BWD of the weapons and the power stat gets multiplied by WD% (weapon damage) and then that gets multiplied by ED% (elemental damage).

5000 WD or ED gets added to the formula but in different parts. Also this whole formula can be multiplied by attack speed.

Once you got the initial base damage from DPS formula, you simply multiply it by the MH% or OH% (Mainhand or offhand % damage of the weapon) such as the 750% meteor and the rest being Crits, Sets, etc.

For PvE (campaign for conquering high floors so player Vs environment) , get 100% WD on weapon, power 299, 2-3× 100% ED if possible and even attack speed if you can. Also make sure you have as many damage multipliers as possible such as Glasscannon, Defiant, Pathfinder, etc.

For PvP, simply use 6× 5000 ED (1040 in level 20). Why you may ask? It’s because at level 20, affixes are scaled down to level 20 values and you simply get a lot more damage using flat values than percentage values. Also you can use 1040 WD on your weapon too but that’s optional.

High base damage weapons: Chakram, Gauntlet, Hammer. You can find this stuff out in DQ wikia.