No purchase Transaction?

Are you even aware that your game purchase items can be bought by Regular load depends on what network are we using? if my mom has load balance then i can just download dq on her phone and login my account and buy the vanity thru regular load balance, then upload to cloud and download to my phone, does that make someone cheater? u ban my friend bcoz of no purchase transaction? really? can you scan the account further than what your scanners do? and now you dont want him back to regular league? just WOW! WORST! game staffs ever!

And that restore purchase thing, does pressing that make someone cheater? does using restore purchase not legit? lol if someone already buy vanity then some one log in his account to that phone and press restore purchase does that thing called cheating? lol WORST!

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I support this post !

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in your instance Kcellvirus I believe you are using your mums account to purchase game items for you with your save game. Sounds legit! Your mom sounds like a very nice mum to let you buy some in app purchases (please thank her for us!).

Lets talk about what other players do.

One person will purchase an item (one time) then pass that account out to, lets say for example, 145 different people on a Facebook Group.

I think the difference here is that I don’t think you are sharing the purchases your mother worked very hard to provide for you with 145 of your closest friends, right?

As always you are welcome to any have any opinion that you would like, but hopefully I was able to give you a bit of an idea why players who restore purchases off of a single posted account on facebook is different from what you are describing.

Thanks for playing DQ (and remember, please thank your mom for us, we appreciate her support of our game!!)


LOL im always saying thankyou to my mom whenever she allows me to use her load balance, and what the fudge dude? why should i share share my restore purchase to 145 people? maybe 2 or 3 is ok lol, whats the use of that restore purchase ? to put the player who we share our vanities at the ban league? really?

and even the bandana? you knew that that banda cost dq gold and not real money at the version 1.7 right? if we start playing at 1.7 then we buy that bandana does that called cheating ? LOOOOOOOOOOOL

and btw does your mom dont let you buy app puchase on his phone? sad af

Wtf sir ? Is this your response towards our problem. Omg thank our moms :’(

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Thats what others do dont make it generalize not all people doing that LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

I don’t really understand the point of your question, so I will be respectful to you in this response.

Here is what I think you post is trying to say:

"It is ok for me to buy something then give it to any one that I would like. It is unfair that you banned my friend for doing this.

I tried to address this as plainly as I could using a real world example but I will be blunt.

The restore purchse function is for players who have made purchases in the past but do not have a DQ Account save game.

If they uninstall the game and would like to play again, the restore purchase functionality is there to allow them to restore some of their purchases without having to buy them again.

The system isn’t intended for some person to buy something and share it with as many people as they like.

While we understand that we as a development team are not limiting the action of “restoring purchases” for any of our players. We still have this system and are aware of how players abuse it. We have the system as a service to players who were kind enough to support us and our game. We don’t think the actions of a small subsection of players should effect how we serve our community and players.

I hope that was clear enough for you. I have been respectful in responses to your less than respectful posts.

If you feel the need to be less respectful I ask that you do this in the form of DM’ing me. I will be more than happy to have you grouse as much as you would like in a private post.

Thanks for understanding!


oh there you go, your answer now have sense not like your 1st answer LOOOOOL, i dont even ask for your respect LOL now another scene my friend cant purchase item using his IOS thats why he pass the load to his friend letting that friend buy the vanity for him, does that cheating??? and can lead him into ban league? im just questioning all your reasons to my friends email to you LOL!

You are more than welcome to have your friend email me directly if he has an issue with being in the banned league, I will not be funneling answers through you. He can DM tdaniel or contact

Also, you don’t have to ask for my respect, its part of our code of conduct for the forum.

Be respectful or don’t post.