Non-lag wizard build of any kind


Please mind the description I need. But my companion wizard always freezes my game when it cast skills,minions attack and attack at the same time.My phone is 2gb Huawei Honor and all game effects are set to low. I like the pack size affix on maps because it gives lots of exp and drops but the game freeze is always my problem please help me.


Your problem is your smartphone and not the game. You either change your phone or if you have PC you can install an emulator.


Don’t go pack size too much. Gather small mobs at a time in packsize. I have the same problem only my phone is probably crappier. XD


Mine is just 1.3ghz quad core and have 8gb mem and 1gb of ram and don’t have slows.


Did you root your device to optimize your phone btw? or it is just really fast when your playing games?


Root is the best way and the easiest way. It brings back even the worst and oldest devices to life in usage , especially for gaming.

My s3 mini wasn’t super fast but it was fast enough.

My S6 is very fast but I run DQ at 1.5ghz and 1.0ghz extra 4 cores. Well actually 8 cores but 2 disabled. Da doesn’t use many cores though but extra cores do help.

I also play DQ at 720p instead of default 1440p or even 480p at times because I want the very best performance and low lags in graphics. My CPU is more than able to handle r and 1GB of ram is enough (if no other things running in background).

I have 3GB ram so i can multitask and DQ well.

I also undervolted the crap out of my phone to reduce power consumption by so much that I gain many extra hours of battery life. Not just that but stability.

Although I would never recommend Samsung for gaming due to their DVFS constantly thermally throttling even if your device isn’t even heating and I had to disable it to play without constant stuttering, even on super fast device.

However my 1.5ghz is faster than some people’s 1.5ghz and faster than PCs of 2005 1.5ghz . It’s pretty darn fast actually! It’s not even comparable to a PC gaming performance but it feels so speedy on android. Then again, My S6 has good IPC so low clock speed is actually good.

1ghz on my S6 is faster than the S3 mini 1ghz .

I even underclocked the graphics so that I run DQ with less power. DQ runs very well on some low end devices provided the right settings , though my S6 is fast even at very low speed.

In today’s world, 1ghz would be too slow but not for phones. 1ghz in the S3 mini costed too much S3 mini battery but it was okay. My S6 at same speed however would be as fast as overclocked old phones


Tbh, it’s actually amazing smartphones even existed.

The fact that you can pack up to 2ghz or even 3 GHz, 8 cores , good IPC gains , up to 1ghz GPU and a considerable GPU gain each generation , handling the super high 1440p resolution (though 1080p looks the same but faster and 720p is a little different but still good looking and super fast).
Heck even a 4K smartphone exists! Crazy right but that doesn’t stop companies.

Not just that but the amount of RAM that you can pack into these things, the software optimization on both apple and iOS , etc.

Of course phones aren’t the best value for money in comparison to certain PCs of the same price but they are decent. 7nm SoCs, low power consumption with fast performance, ddr4 RAM speeds of fun , actual good SSD performance, especially in games and overall smoothness as well as app loading and stuff.


I didn’t do anything is just the way that it was build. It cost less than 90 euros.


Yeah and a great deal. No need expensive smartphones. I’ve had people who had worse devices than me yet more rich in DQ crystals and stuff and that was when I had the S3 mini.

Still, lag is an issue and some things will inevitably cause lag.


Thanks for the answer but too technical for me to understand. Btw, how do you set up the quality at 480p on DQ? Is it included in the game settings,if so I didnt notice it ill check it now


Game Tuner. But that’s a Samsung thing and only available in devices that support it. I of course did the root method but half of the screen was unusable .


Oh my bad.ok :grin:
Maybe Steigerbox should add some “effects off” on the game settings where there is no effects only damage numbers that show by skills and attack