Noob here. any tips for my build? currently at floor 280+ right now

One suggestion i could give is get +2 Set Number from Nadroji Ring/Amulet and/or Elixer MS.
Its pretty rare for builds to go pretty high without those affixes.


you would be better off making a farm build that can farm good on floors 101-200. that way you can build up your stash of Crystals & Myth Stones for better builds. get your Gold Find & Luck maxed out. later you can make a Farm Build that can farm floor 500-510 for the better Crystals & Myth Stones, and also make a Good Climbing Build. the Gold you get can be used to convert lower tier CS & MS to higher tier CS & MS. this will allow you to get the Ultra Rare ones without having to wait until you find one from farming.

get rid of the Earth Shatter & Mirror Image Proc’s and use some other Proc or affix. maybe replace them with Dodge for better defense? and since you are using Twister for most of your damage, change 1 or 2 of your Poison +% to Cool Down, so you can cast Twister more often, which means more DMG. sure, you lose some DMG from losing the Poison %, but having more Twisters hitting the same enemy at the same time more than makes up for that. and find one more space for a +10 Twister, that will make a big difference also.

hope this helps.



i dont usually use my twister because im long pressing my mana shield and it teiggers my procs which kills anything in like 1-3 seconds (normal-legend enemies) any tips for this one?

if im making a farming build, what should i use as a base? satyr’s spirit or adventurer?

thanks for the help

what do you think should i replace my mirrors image and earthshatter?

btw im still using the same pet i got from floor 1

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ok, if you are focusing on Mana Shield, take the 10 points out of Twister and put it into Mana Shield instead, or 5 points into each, because it might take some time to kill monsters when waiting for them to hit you. also, change Focus to Barrier and Amplify to Infusion. Mana Shield causes any DMG done to you to take the same amount of Mana instead of Health. Barrier reduces the amount of Mana taken when hit, I think Barrier 20 reduces the Mana taken by 30%. so if your Shield gets hit for a 100 damage, you only lose 70 Mana. Infusion adds Resist to your Shield and increases it by 10% per Rank. so Infusion 20 gives you +200% Resist against damage before it is reduced by Barrier. and also, find a Mana Shield with Legend +200% WD. Mana Shield also increases the damage of the Legend Reflect DMG affix. so replacing some other affix with a few of those. Electrified Set turns reflect dmg into an AoE centered on you with a 25 yard radius.

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i would love to try this sometime in the future

im not really focusing on manashield, im using manashield because of empower and glasscanon, as you can see, i only have 60 hp.

thanks for the help

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Maybe try reactor set with orb then? Simple to use early on ^^
I use scalp from the warrior tomahawk mostly as it has no cast speed so my character never stops :slight_smile:

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If you use manasheild try to get energy or fury mythic to get high mp

well, at a certain point, as you climb floors, Mana Shield has the same problem as having lots of Health, Armor, or Resist. it only goes so high and monsters can 1 hit kill you. at that point, Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary are a better defense.

I have made a 1 HP Build with 100% Glasscannon before, and so have other players, and some have had Empower 40, which does the same as 100% GC, which is leave you with 1 HP.

Just ginna repost some stuff, most of which is relevant

well obviously there’s the elixir (max level myth-stone) for the +2 all sets, that should be your main objective starting out.

next up the haunting ring from the rogue would be really helpful for haunting bonus (this gives 100% increased damage when you have 40% or more clear cast)

next up from the warrior legend-ex, the azure battle gear, costs 12 dust once unlocked, has the potential to have a crystal block. Just buy a bunch of these until you finally find one. Plus another 15% block on your off hand will give you 60% block <-- this tip here, will likely be the best one i can give you

And for dodge, 10% on pet, 10% from heroic level dexterity, total of 9% from item natures (evasion), 10% base dodge and a single 30% crystal dodge affix.
Totaling 69% dodge :sunglasses: (also, add epiphany to your build)

  • this means 0.4 * 0.31 = 0.124
  • 12.4% chance to even take damage
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