Noob Need Help Thanks!

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Which is better for pvp pet? Im trying to build a rouge pvp equips but im torn between these two pets. ty in advance.


1 what affix best for pvp (rouge)

2 can someone rank up pvp affixes from best and a must.

3 Are set affix effects downgraded in pvp?

4 can someone give me tips for a good pvp build?

5 why does mirror images doesnt proc elemental crits?

6 how can i see my items on the arena so i could see my stats…

7 arena info says that stats and affix are downgraded to lvl 20 and cutdown by %. how much is the cap for affixes now? (ex. crit chance max cap now.?)

8 best way to counter reflect damage in the arena.?

9 how does double strike value in the arena? since i cant see the data for it…

10 does nadroji bonus help find enslaver?

11 tips on how to find a jester pet.

12 which is better hunting pets with or without hireling? i have max farming stats on main toon and killer hireling. or its still better to hunt alone even without max farming stats and farming sets?

Thankyou in advance to those whod help out!

  1. the Bane would be better, easier for a Rouge to build around it.
  2. no, but Set Bonus Affixes are downgraded.
  3. a Search :mag: for PVP Builds will help a lot. there are a lot of tips and info for PVP.
  4. don’t get hit, have high armor or resist, have good healing, have lots of HP.
  5. take a loot at Mr_Scooty Eternal Pet Hunting Tips and Tricks. later in the Thread, he has an update for Patch 3.0.
  6. just keep killing Enslavers.
  7. having a Hireling doesn’t help or hurt when getting Pets. high Luck can improve your chances of an Enslaver dropping a Legend Pet before the Enslaver Feat is finished.
  1. You can view your stats and item when you have finish fighting an opponent. I think its near the character.
  2. You can do the maths by ( max crit chance cap x arena stat cap ). Example : 60 x 60/100 = 36 . It means your cap for crit chance is 36% and you can do it with other affixes that have caps.
  3. I think high Hp combine with Hp regen would do the trick.
  4. Same with no.6