Noob question!

stuck at floor 350 m3 and cant climb without dying a million times, what can i do to get high level gems to make gear for those other guides?

When I started playing DQ I was reading the news here in this forum, kkkkkkkkk helped me a lot, today I’m on floor 3025 and I can tell you one thing: THERE WERE MANY HOURS OF GAME.

I used to farm above all else GOLD because as I was gaining legendary desnessarios items I converted them so I gained the most coveted gems.

Please forgive my English, kkkkkk

No need to want things for yesterday, I must have in average about 1500 hours.

stay focused and stay persistent!

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@dshin925 best advice is keep farming floor 200 plus one. Find the stuff you need. Look in codex for an item you really want and stick to the floors it drops at. Free your brain from climbing endless floors and concentrate on what it is you want

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go to lower floors for farming until you can improve you equipment to do farming on higher floors. since you can clear lower floors faster, you can get loot faster, and since you aren’t dying a lot, you save on gold.

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what are the gears i need for the higher floors? my goal is to get obsidians and amethysists so i can start crafting decent gears and builds

I have read posts by a few players who only used items found in the Codex to farm or climb floors, but if you plan to go to really high floors, you need to craft your gears, changing your affixes, because most items have a theme, and they don’t always do what you want them to do. and the farm gears in the Codex are good at farming, but not too good at killing monsters. when I started Ascending for Perks, I started with items from the Codex. I had been playing for awhile, so I had some Gold and enough Dust to get started. as I moved up the floors, I would change 1 or 2 affixes as I climbed, until I had a build that got lots of experience, did some farming, and killed monsters fast on floor 110. one thing that helped was I read a lot of posts on the Forums before I started Ascending, and as I was Ascending I read even more to get advice and good ideas, and for the rest of it, I learned by making mistakes and doing my own crafting. just so you know, a lot of the builds shared in the Forums require good farm builds to even make. beginner players are stuck with random items they get from monsters or the shop, and when they get Crystals and Myth Stones, making a few changes to change an item that sucks into a decent item, and maybe a better than average item. and when you find your first 2 or 3 Legend items, you don’t want to change anything because you don’t want to mess up a powerful item.


If you want to climb higher start with a crushing flames build. A friend has one posted here. Just search it.


I use it

I got to mythic 1300 then stopped climbing . But it works

You don’t need a ton of Amthymests and Obsidians to make good gear. (Sapphires are probably the most used crystals in the game.)

The things to keep in mind are

  1. Surviving is important. Dying = Wasted Gold = Expensive Climb. I’m not sure when most people switch, but I am using a build with enough HP, Regen, and Damage Reduction to consistently handle floor 500 mythic 3 without requiring me to make a significant effort to avoid dying (even against legend enemies). That said, past a point, players start relying on dodge and block instead to live. Plagued and Permafrost are two really good sets for increasing survivability on lower floors.
  2. While survival is important, you don’t want to spend all your slots on it. Even spending half of your slots on surviving is too much. You need damage, and the higher you go, the more of it you want. For PvE: a) Don’t use +(Element) DMG+. There are many more effective ways to increase your damage. b) You wasn’t either high elemental weaken (at least 90%) or Ignore Resist on your gear. Trust me, it makes killing bosses go much faster on any map. c) Generally speaking, using skills from your own class is going to be more powerful than using skills from other classes. This is due to the hero points system.
  3. +All Sets is a must for any build. An easy way to get +4 of it is using Stone of Nadroji and Nadroji’s Crystal. Regardless, you generally want to have many different sets alongside +All Sets to maximize damage and survivability.

@Ircher I think jaspers are the best crystals in the game. Used wisely they are so amazing that a lot of good jasper users end up being accused of item editing when basically they have just class converted items


@dickwad off the topic question, but how do i get crushing flames set for armor and shield? is it only through amethyst? also do i need to jasper over a rogues set skill if i wanted frozen for MH set skill?

one a lance, for fronzen?

Crushing Flames Set: there are 4 Wizard items you can Jasper to other classes with this set (Staff, Chest, Head, Necklace). you can get it using Amethyst. the Chest has a Set Bonus on it.
Frozen Set: there are 4 Rogue items you can Jasper to other classes with this set (Bomb, Chest, Head, Necklace). you can not get it using Amethyst.

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hey if I was using Jasper and got an item i didn’t want , for ex: i got a sword but I wanted a lance, how do I go about changing the sword to a lance?


Jasper changes an item to one for another class and it will convert all class specific affixes to ones for the new one additionally all weapons are converted into ones to fit the new class and they function as such mainhand: (staff, sword, chakram) (wand, lance, flintlock) (sword, hammer, dagger) (gauntlet, axe, bow) offhand: (manashield, hatchet, mirror) (skull, horn, trap) (tome, totem, vial) (orb, shield, bomb) jasper can be used on eternals the only difference is class specific affixes will not be changed to ones for the new class.

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The first item you should look for is a clasp of terror, its only dropped for a rogue though… otherwise you could unlock it with red dust :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason you want this is because mixed with two clarity runes (chance to cast spells for free) you get 50% chance for free spells and it doubles your damage.

I have a build on here for warrior farming duo which in my opinion is the fastest build (i enjoy being proven wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) for farming and one shots up to 800 M3.

For floor climbing, do it gradual up to 500, then youll probably farm there for a bit and then make your crushing flames build or something similar.

Its been well said here that you need TIME for litterally anything in this game, but thats what makes your final piece so much more satisfying when you complete it :slight_smile:


thanks for the tips, im using crushing flames with frozen and i’m at 400 m3 right now still climbing. quick question, does anyone know how to remove crystal affixes? i like the set that I have, so I am trying to change the crystal affix since I can kinda farm obsidian but how can i remove the current crystal affix so i could add another? or do i have to make a new item everytime i want a new crystal affix?

you could use Quartz, but that removes a random number of affixes, so not a good idea. Kyanite doesn’t remove Crystal affixes, Set Bonus affixes, 7DS penalties, and I can’t remember if it removes Mythic affixes. basically, you would have to make a new item if you want the correct Crystal affix for your build. if you were using a non-Legend item for crafting, then you would put the Crystal affix on first, and if it isn’t the right one, use Quartz to get rid of it and try again with another Obsidian.