Noob - upgrade weapon level

How do we upgrade level of weapon? I got my first legendary weapon “Golex’s Gauntlet” which is level 1, I tried using Diamond to reroll but there is no change. My wizard level is 23.

use peridot. it will increase the level based on your current char’s max level. just a piece of advice don’t use it on not so rare legends.

I see. Thanks.

When your level 50 you can now create a max level items

How can create a max weapon at level 50?? Because im 56 and i dont know how i can craft

Can you upgrade the item to level 100(max) and have a higher chance to get a perfect reroll

Peridot - rerolls level of equipment to the heighest MAP Level that you have reached. (it can only roll up) if youre at lvl50 and your map is at 150, it is possible that your equipment rolls higher that your current level. TIP: EQUIP FIRST THE EQUIPMENT BEFORE USING PERIDOT… just so you can have a lvl100 equipped even if you are still at lvl50 :wink:

Emerald - Increases equipment’s QUALITY.
this makes it clear, it is the Emerald that makes your roll into the highest possible roll available.


Lets say you are:

character lvl30
highest map done lvl150

and you then have

Golex lvl1
epic stats lvl1 (ugly, ugly stats. right?)

to get it to a better stat, use first the EMERALD (
1pc.=1%quality, max quality is 25%) then use PERIDOT to roll the level to a higher level.


i have Golex with 1% quality. I used 24 Emeralds to have +24% quality. i now have Golex with 25% quality.

the rolls you make is affected by the quality of the item.

so, i used a TOPAZ to my Golex (just imagine that i had 5 stats available on it), and selected a CritDMG%. there is a possibility that i can get CritDMG75% in just the first try.

The Diamond rerolls are also affected with the Quality% of the equipment.

in short, ALL possible ROLLS are affected by the Quality % of the item, so use that Emeralds first before any Gems…

then, i used Peridot…

im at characterlvl30 an im at map 150 right? in here, my equipment roll might be up to lvl100. max equipment level is 100. BUT you can ONLY equip a lvl100 when you are at lvl50.


if you used a Peridot WHILE wearing the equipment, you now have a lvl100 equipment equipped on you!


try it!

Yeah but … the mana cost is so high, one cast of a normal attack would probably drain all your mana wouldn’t it?

Use bloodmagic haha