Noobie Questions

  1. do hireling stats affect the maintoons stats? ex. item drops frm hireling (50% itm drop legend affix).?

  2. need tips on how to get perfect affix from crafting eternal item ex. eternal ethereal Brace the glasscannon and PTL to both +100% is there any trick on how to do this? (Given maintoon at max lvl).

  3. same thing with ordinary legend items is diamond the only way to max a legend affix?

  4. In CF+ CB Rouge builds, does Glasscannon, PTL and Barbarian boost dmge of the builds? or nah? or any others that could somehow boost dmge. like defiant set or any sorts.

  5. Does cyan affix Crit chance + Crit dmge affect or boost CF+CB builds?

  6. Does Set affix HUNGER boost aspd beyond cap?

  7. Do weapon dmge boost CF builds? how bout element + damage boost? (ex. +9000 fire/ice dmge).

  8. If im farming at floor 200 is there a chance for me to get legend epiphany which requires 600+? (given i already unlocked floor required).

  9. Any tips on where or what floors best farming for legends, eternals, crystals, myths, eternal crystal legends… which is which…

** Sorry for these noob questionaires and Thankyou for the suggestions in advance! Happy DQ!


1.Im not sure but I think yes

2.It depends on your luck buddy :+1:(not the game luck tho)


4.CF+CB does not gain damage from those affixes but your damage does increase if you have it

5.No they dont boost CF+CB builds but it would help to kill the monster when the monster is at low hp and make sure the CB is higher than crit chance

6.Im not sure about that

7.If you say weapon damage its no but the fire damage would increase the damage of fire Dot,immolation and blistering

8.No.You need to farm at the floor where the item requirement is met

9.Im not sure how to answer this one sorry :pray:

  1. Experience, Luck, & Item Drop are averaged/affected. last time I tested, Gold Find wasn’t necessary on Hireling.

  2. Bad luck? Crystal affix weaker than epic affix
    only a few Crystals & Myth Stones can be used on Eternal Items. they are Powerful but limited. Legend Items can be modified by any Crystal & Myth Stone, but aren’t as powerful as Eternal. depends on the needs of your Build.

  3. yes.

  4. no. only Crushing Flames affects the damage of Crushing Blow.

  5. same as 4 :arrow_up:.

  6. I have read posts that says it does, but I haven’t personally tested it.

  7. same as 4 :arrow_double_up:.

  8. what @Vinz said. or you can use Dust to purchase items from the LegendEx. if you haven’t found an item yet, you also need to use Dust to unlock the item before you can purchase it with Dust.

  9. Legend, Crystal, & Eternal Items, just look in the LegendEx to see where you can find them and any requirements needed to find them. like floor 100 or Element Fire Maps or Powerful enemies (Epic+ monsters). high Luck, Nadroji Set, Eternalized Set, Crystaline Set, can increases chances of finding these items. Myth Stone and Crystals depend on floor. floor 500-510 best for Rare & Ultra Rare, on any difficulty level. for every 100 floor, stop finding lowest MS/CS. at floor 500, don’t find 5 lowest Crystals & Myth Stones.