Not a bow rogue build

@Clogon clogon I remember you mentioning in some post that all of ur builds could beat each other in pvp I was curious if you could give some basic but not so obvious advice (that doesn’t reveal ur build) about some of the more important parts of building a rogue that doesn’t use a bow cause I’ve been building a dagger rogue for a while now and although not finished I definitely feel as if its rather underpowered for its current stage of completion

No more OP players please xD


Nah I already now how I’m gonna build an op as all hell wizard when i get this rogue too work don’t worry the op will happen anyway : P well atleast I hope it’ll work that well can’t tell till I make it I have a fealin it’ll be pretty darn annoying either way though : P

Clogon doesnt share anything


a chakram + blindside 20 rogue with its second skill modded to a long range attack (changed whirling blades using amber) works perfectly for me.

See this unfinished guide? Unfinished Rogue

Sadly it will remain unfinished for a while longer since I have surgery next week and will not be able to do anything for a month. Hopefully, I can release it before 2.1. XD

i use a chakram in pvp and i applied all stagger and frozen and elemental to my equips … also added a stats with 3k+ def. . i got a current streak of 34 and my char lvl is 82. . and i use mirror for offhand… works pretty well cause if the opponent is not stunned he will be frozen for 3 secs and knocked back . . just stay away from OP mages. XD

Thanks clogon I’ll make sure too read through it when it gets finished I hope your surgery goes well : D

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