[not a bug]Bloodmagic bug?

hi there.

i have a eternal bloodmagic helm, with hp stats into it. problem is when i equip my char has lesser hp than when equipped with any headgear legend. i’ll post screenshot later. my build is 299 hp

legend helm

eternal helm

maybe there are problems with crafted items…

Hey! Thanks for the bug report!
Could you send me screenshots your whole equipment via PM please. So, I could try to reproc it with the same condition.

hi i sent the entire sc to the support email. thanks.

Hi! I believe this is from using the Barbarian affix. Your Resource when you use Blood Magic is health, and Barbarian reduces your Resources in return for damage.

Thanks for clarifying. The description on barbarian is somewhat confusing. I thought it just adds to the resource cost (cost to cast something) like push the limit. I get it now. Issue solved. Not a bug thanks.