[Not a bug] Name bug and drop affix is not applied

I hope DQ admin will fix this…
I notice that the name, crystal drop rarity and mythstone drop rarity are not being applied specially the CDR & MDR

alot ppl try to hide their build in arena, previously on 2.0 part patch, ppl can still predict what their enemy use base on mythic name and can copy that easily. mythic Item, their mythic name removed so ppl can’t predict or copy it easily.

For your stat, the Crystal drop rate and mythic stone drop rate is depend on your Item drop affix. for example if u have 200% ID, it will divided to item, gold, crystal and mythic stone drop. so let say from 200%, 75% goes to item, 50% go to gold drop, 50% go to crystal and 25% go to mythic stone. that is just example tho.
From the stat page that total crystal drop & Mythic stone drop rate, that one is more specific to player who use boost (free from ads or buy) since i only see mine increase / have value when i use boost.

thank you cronos4321… your such a big help
now i understand… just worried because it not appearing on the stats and may not be working…

I believe that Crystalline and Mythical (Mythology?) sets affects the crystal/mythstone find rate, in addition to the boost from the shop.

Look at the stay carefully, it shown as TOTAL CRYSTAL/MYTHIC STONE FIND RATE. Crystalline and mythical set affix increase cs/Ms drop RARITY. only when u use boost ads or buy the buff for 1 hour thing it increase the cs/Ms drop rate. Look at vendor, and see what written on Ms and Cs boost package “mythicstone find boost” “crystal find boost” basically only that boost will effect that stat part.