[Not a Bug] Stealth length bug

Sometimes when I stealth I do not get the full length usage of stealth I am not exactly sure exactly what in my current build is causing this but when I am not attacking I do not face any issues but when I start too attack it appears as if I only get the base 1 second instead of the 5 I should be it may also be that when you hit stealth again with more then a certain amount of stealth left it does not reset the period of time you have left on stealth cause I currently have a 2.5 second cool down on stealth (actually I am almost positive this does occur I’m just not sure if the 2 are 1 and the same bug)

do you have vanish in your set? i used to experience this a lot with my vanish set, stealth procing and being cast at the same time activates it but duration is like .5 to 1 secs and my stealth is maxed at 40.

Nope no vanish for me pure stealth :smile: I think it might be a bug with epiphany and how often I am able too cast it but I honest too god have no clue :disappointed_relieved:

ah it happens a lot on me when i was using my vanish set. haven’t experienced that with my pure stealth set.

:cry: it’s not that bad right now cause I’m only at ~floor 750 mythic 3 but this is a super floor climbing set so this may end up being problematic very soon

yeah mine had problems with 1500+ i created 4 sets already but it’s messed up when monsters get that greatly resist affix twice (2 stacks of greatly resists + greatly resists elem). too damn hard to kill

Yeah I shouldn’t really have a problem with that in theory but the amount of time too kill the cartographer will scale and that’s what will rip my life :cry: but if my stealth was working properly floor 10000+ should be achievable with this bs I have just concocted }:3c (masochism +resource orbs is hell though)

yeah i got a similar amulet as yours (i think yours has a higher blue stat) for masochism and it really sucked when i picked up health orbs. it sucks i had a perfect rolled masochism dagger (50% barb, 100% weapon dmg) and it’s another thing that frustrates me

Yup the health orbs are rip in pieces literally the most dangerous enemy is health orbs it’s not skyfall or TNT props any more now it’s the health itself lmao

Stealth has an internal cooldown of 4 secs. So, even if you have 2.5 secs cooldown, you cannot use it until 4 seconds.

your char used stealth for 5 secs (max 40 stealth) and your stealth skill icon shows/ or has cooleddown.
when you press the stealth button, you will see a spark animation but your char wont go on stealth

rule of thumb, you can only use stealth every 4 secs.

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Thanks f00kee :smile: I better switch pets then it’s screwing up my stealthing

Yup, make sure you dont go below 4 secs cooldown especially if your using it on a hireling, it will always cast stealth and can ruin it

Oh god yeah I didn’t even think about hirelings thanks for pointing that one out as well now too switch that pet out and get my survivability back thanks so much for the explanation :smile:

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“rest in peace in pieces” :smiley:

Lmao yup exactly :wink: :sunglasses: