Nova Mythic

I just want to be sure because I recently created a Nova Hatchet and it does 30% chance to cast Nova (100% Elemental explosion) does it mean I don’t need my red affix +30% chance Elemental Critical anymore?

no but it is better to have it for higher dmg

My question is aren’t they the same? Nova has 30% chance to give you 100% Elemental Crit Explosion while the red affix will give +30% chance of Elemental Critical.

Yes they are almost the same :smile:. if you want more chances. then add the +30% elem crit

i think nova works for nova explosion only, while the +30% EC works with other skills that you cast (Not sure though)

But from what i experienced. novas sufficient already

Thanks man this is most helpful I can’t see the difference because I’m using toxic ha ha.

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