Now about mythics

So I’m still pretty new I’m level 77 on floor 110 and I was just wondering how do I find and obtain mythics?
Also how do you actually make your weapons and armor better? Like level them up higher cause I have legendary items but only level 50s

I appreciate your response thanks :+1:t3:

Mythic equip doesn’t drop.
To make one you need an item to have 4 empty slots and you put a combination of mythstones and it turns to a mythic. Some mythic has certain equipment restriction such as it’s only to be craft on a specific part of your gear (MH/OH/Chest/Head/Ring/Amulet)

Example: Cyclone mythic can only be crafted on your MH
List of recipe

For gears you can raise Item lvl by using peridot and item lvl using emerald.
But for the gears to be better you have to have affixes that has synergy.

When I was staring out Rubik’s guide help me a lot in crafting gears

Man thank you for your response that really helped! I’m gonna try that guide out hopefully I get it lol!