NUIQUE Gift: Spell Sword Wizard (PVP)

Congratulations and thanks to the developers for the update.

To celebrate the release of the latest patch (March 2020) I decided to share this with you.


With the release of the latest patch, immortals are rendered obsolete. That leaves us no choice but to go back to previous ideas about arena tankiness.

Currently, the most optimal setup for tankiness is to go for Bloodmagic builds, but the wizard will always have the edge due to skullshield OH.

The Craft:

Main Hand






Good dog

Gold trophy because you’re a champ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Place all stats to mana.


At the start of each round, activate skullshield OH.
Get as close to the opponent as possible and drop Skullbraga OH special. Also, use Meteor MH if you find it convenient.


#1 When facing other tanky builds, make sure that your Skullbraga is hitting them point blank ( the three projectiles hit the opponent).

#2 Do not go anywhere near a barrage camper. You’ll be zapped. Instead, activate skullshield, and go to the middle of the arena. There is a spot there where you will be able to receive some barrage projectiles just enough to trigger cerebral vortex.

#3 Learn.


The relesse new Patch??
And they Nerf immortal build :thinking::thinking::thinking:
This means that my Berserker Will crush people like butter, thats not God, please dont Nerf my warrior devs😅, i Will play some 2v2, since i dont play this game in ages, and im on mythik league on 2v2, lets see how busted is the enemys now!

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Its a Nice build Over all, very well done! but i think lacks CC, ice element Will be alot better in my perspective, but thats just me.


@NUIQUE my friend . Nice to see you posting. I I’m waiting for the update on my Amazon firestick. The new mystery sets intruige me.

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It’s nice to see you too @dickwad.
Stay safe everyone. Play DQ.


Good guide too :grinning:

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Well, arene is just brainless tanks at this point, at lest on 2v2, they just melt, i Will go on 1v1 and test this…

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Wow! Been stuck in mythic 2v2 league for years :joy: Congrats @ZOMBOY

I just give soo many likes this morning, i have to wait 13H to like people’s post again, i was on eternal 2v2, but i got demoted, i dont know wen i got demoted, i just got demoted, i enter the game and i no longer have eternal 2v2, but its fine, i back at it again!

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My first looks on 1v1, is full of people whid autdated Immortals, is just too easy this way, um not gonna take adventage of this, i Will wait until people remake their stuff!

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I had a mad idea that if I deliberately lost every match in eternal 1v1 league I could be sent down to the lowest league possible. My idea was to climb again. But I never got out of eternal. Maybe the devs have altered it

I did that in season 3, it was very funny, good Times!

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What i did One time was, i lower my league to epic league, and strait up put a eternal build, just farmin arene chests whid no efort at all, i have so many chests on my inventory😂

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Ha! Good fun. And you play the game to loose it’s very funny. But when you do nothing and try to be killed and win ! It’s annoying.

You need some? :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Got lots of eternal trophies . I’m fine :sunglasses:

I have at least 7 eternal trophies, i dont need this at all, is just fun to collect them!

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I have unused eternal pets looking sad and unwanted in my bags. One day I will create a new idea and a new build to use them.

Thats my goal right know, hunting a eternal pet, i never had One, i realy realy realy want One, iven if is a bad One, im sure that i Will Come up some build for it, i realy want one! :sob:

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You need an eternalized set affix. Two Nadroji items with the set bonus. You need epiphany to raise the barriers. After that the build is up to you. You need luck at 1012
. Epiphany raises your luck cap. Double Nadroji increases the chances of meeting enslavers.