NUIQUE Gift: Storm Burst/Camper Reveal


This a fairly popular build among Filipino guild players(?) And has been around for quite some time already.

From what is being discussed here in the forums, it was developed to counter immortals and tanky builds(?) but with the availability of cerebral vortex set, it was also later on capable of dealing with barrage campers.:muscle:

Enjoy :grinning:



Alternative OH for mobility and coolness😂




or if you want to go full bleed damage:





Stat Points

AI Settings

You can play around with different combinations of affixes.

You can choose to keep the execute damage on the stehno bomb but you will not use storm proc.

You can remove all Flat Hp affixes and add four glasscannon affixes for more damage at the cost of survival.

I don’t know who were the pioneers of this craft, so I will open that to any claimant whoever desires. :man_shrugging:

I hope I can visit soon to give more insights on this craft.

Tags: Storm Burst, Rogue PVP Build, Rogue Build for Battle Arena

Thanks for dropping by.


Some test numbers with berserker bonus


2v2 AI settings for hireling


i craft similar to this … thank you i can finally finish building my set




Thank you everyone.

I generally prefer to use my immortals and barrage but there has been a constant demand for rogues being shared so I decided to resume development of this craft solely for sharing purposes.

If anyone finds this build helpful you might as well thank @kiane_zaine and @HawkEye.

Their rogue platforms provided me the necessary data to pull the pieces together saving me a lot of time and resources and simplfying my drawing board.

There are multiple variations of this craft in the higher divisions but I wanted a build that utilizes as much of all their strengths as possible while also having sufficient survivability.


On a personal side:

I no longer want to play competitively. Drawing in more competitive players seems more fulfilling.

A permanent retirement seat in division 2 or 3 sounds satisfying. However, I will keep on occassionally farming and visiting arena to test epic affixes and mythstones.

Thanks to @Mr_Scooty for his initial assistance.
Thanks to Todd @tdaniel for entertaining querries and to the whole developer team for the amazing game.
DQ2 must be really really great in comparison.

Thanks to my former competitors and to forum companions.

No good byes. Withdrawal symptoms are painful, but let’s wish each other the best. :revolving_hearts:


one thing good about this Build set up is you can use the Bleed version until you start running into Characters with Perseverance. then you can switch to the other version.



I played some matches now.

I retook 1st spot using only the build. No need to switch between characters.

Use the exposed chest option and the demonic+barbarian headpiece.
I removed storm proc on bomb and added coat proc like @kiane_zaine’s rogue. You need coat proc to get around the eternal flawless trophy of immortal characters.

Coincidentally, this was achieved ~30 wins, 0 losses.

This one and barrage builds require some of your human skills though.


Not a goodbye @NUIQUE. Just a see you later alligator :sunglasses:


thanks for the tip

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Like WarLord hawkEye :heart:

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Show your the best crit dmg on PVP not test dummy let me see i like supper power.:heart_eyes:

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Nice you will be come a regular team congrats nice pal pagbutihin mopa.:handshake: come to join us on divission1 face the (7)WarLord there.:ok_hand:

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My pull burst stormy type:ok_hand:

challenge for HDR best crit

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My best crit in HDR immortal (225.7k) ho want challege to break this. :skull_and_crossbones:

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You are welcome.

Here is some discussion for everyone to attain @HawkEye’s Critical Hit Numbers.

If you want more conditional damage like hawk-eye’s Zoro, use:

  1. Electrocution Set instead of Cerebral Vortex on Chest.

  2. Also get +5,000 weapon damage on chakram to boost your storm damage. Remove 7500hp if you want.

  3. Get other crit damage sources maximize it to 140% in Battle Arena.

  4. If you really really like that high deadly hit number but do not care about performance, brutal chest mythic is your best pick. However, nobody recommends brutal, and I highly discourage it too.

You will get ~150% more damage once your enemy is below 25% health like in the numbers of his screenshots if you use electrocution set.

I don’t know why they would like that though.

Demonic is already enough for the job and does it more practically with it’s anti-regen. Cerebral Vortex provides solution to barrage and flintlock campers so I will not swap it with electrocution or any affix for that matter.

I wouldn’t sacrifice something very useful for something that’s just for… show.


@NUIQUE I have spent six years at universities .top tips are for every hour you spend in the classroom do another hour at home . Degrees tend to be 15 hours a week. So 30 hours a week is easy. When I went to Manchester university it was 40 hours a week and another 40 home reading. Which is a lot and nearly killed me. Final advice pick 2 days off for pleasure. No study. Just doing things for fun to recharge your batteries. Oh and see you in DQ2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See you in few years :sunglasses: