Obsidian/Amethyst/Ruby question


If I apply an Obsidian to an item, will I get a list of a few stats to choose from, or is it truly random?

Same question for Ruby and Amethyst too, please.


Up to 6 stats to choose from.

all 3 give you choices. but they all have limits. Obsidian wont give you an affix if you have an Epic or Legend version of the affix you are trying to get on the same item. Ruby is the same way. also, as an example, I was trying to get the Epic affix, Wizardry, but I wasn’t getting it. then I noticed I had the Legend affix 30% Elemental Critical. although they are different affixes, they do the same thing. right after I took off the Legend affix, the very next time I tried for Wizardry, I got it. I had used 65 Topaz before I figured this out. Amethyst gives you a few choices that can be rolled either by any class or the class the item is based on. some Sets can not be rolled with Amethyst, only gotten from looted items.
I think the number of choices you have is 6 for each of the crystals, but I have read that the number of choices Obsidian gives is based on how many affixes are already on the item. 0 affixes is most choices, 5 affixes is fewest choices. when I used Obsidian on an item with 5 affixes, I usually had 5 choices, I think. it has been awhile since I use one, so I don’t remember very well. I was just happy to get the affixes I wanted without having to roll again on another item.


Thank you both!

no problem. I think everyone wonders how the crystals and myth stones really work, because you don’t want to mess up if you don’t have to. I am still learning new things with the crystals.

Always apply the obsidian first. If you get a rubbish choice of affixes then you can sell the item without wasting any more gems or myth stones

Indeed. Also converting/salvaging.

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@CuzegSpiked that is a good idea. Crystal Legend items give ultra rare items like Eternal items.

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Indeed. I convert crystal legends and eternal legends all the time. Although there are some crystal legends i keep for crafting or by using dust and eternals.

I convert anything that I’m not using

with a good farming build, one can get anything you need for a build, and with Dust, it makes storing items in our bags easier. right now I am using farming to unlock my Legendex in the Codex, so when I need something, it wont cost a ton of Dust to unlock it first. plus, there is the pride thing going on, I want to unlock items in the Codex by finding them first, and not feel like I had to give up and unlock it with Dust. :sunglasses:

Im going to legend floor 100 to farm for nadroji amulet or enought dust to unlock it

@dickwad I never thought I would get Nadroji items, and now I get so many of them, I just turn them into Crystals. I wish I had gotten the Nadroji chest before the hat, that 100% elemental damage would have been so good to have, it would have made up for not having Brutal back in my Ascending days.

Yes, same! It took me forever to get all the epiphany stuff…I have 14k dust so I could easily unlock it, but there’s more satisfaction in finding it first to unlock it!

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Still need to find the etrenal unreal hood

:laughing: I just started getting Epiphany items this past couple of weeks, and I loved seeing them unlocked in the Codex! I had unlocked a few items when Dust was first introduced, and then realized, that when I find them, they are already unlocked. kind of like knowing what your present is for your Birthday before you unwrap it. also, I felt like I was taking a shortcut with crafting. I realized I wasn’t ready to craft the item I unlocked, but that was after I got excited and unlocked the item and then spent Dust getting it.
but then, if you really need an item, and it isn’t dropping when you need it, unlocking the item might be the only way to go.
@dickwad oh wow, I am using those for crystals too. I have a Rogue Eternal Hood with 100% Mythical, I saved that one. :persevere:

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Craft it. You know you want too. Your limited to the affixes that you can add but they are awesome

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lol, I do, but I am not ready. right now I am testing a main/hireling farming combination, for the extra 100% drop rate. I am still tweaking the A.I. to do what I want it to do, before I start spending a lot of resources.

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