Obsidian Bug?

Guys, being crafting a build so tried to increase Crystals affix on an Crystal item but it only deploy a Selection menu with 4 Crystals affixes i got scared and close the app, will i be banned? :see_no_evil:


That’s what we called an exploitation like if you can’t get your affix in the Obsidian and you want to save that item to avoid spending dust and you quit the app and you craft an affix again then it’s an exploitation. In my opinion it’s legal as long as you’re not cheating and sometimes I do the same as yours HAHAHA

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that is normal. I was confused too.

when you use Obsidian to increase your Crystal Affix value, you need one open space on your Item. then, it doesn’t matter which affix you choose, just choose one, and hopefully, you will have a max value Crystal Affix on your Item. your Crystal Affix will not be changed to another affix.

you made an honest mistake, so no worries. you thought it was a bug that might mess up your game, so better safe than sorry.

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as far as the exploit goes, if you want to turn your game off & on for who know how many times, that’s up to you. I just farm like crazy for what I need. they both probably take about the same amount of time, depending on how lucky/unlucky you are. of course, if you are farming, you are getting lots of other Loot. on/off again, you are only getting a possible affix that you want.

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@Golem just finished with perks few days ago and was a bit broke in crystal tried to farm resources to make a floor 1k+ build then hit top 100 for highest floor first time doing obsidian increase :sweat_smile: so if i get banned for doing this only once is there a way to recover my account back? Don’t want to loss my progress i thought i will have any of the bad affixes in the item bad luck day :sweat_smile: need to start from 0 again?

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they can’t/wont ban you from playing on your device in PVE. the only thing you get banned for is using modified Items in Battle Arena that are modified with third party apps that allow a player to make Items that can’t be Crafted normally in the game. the banning just means your Battle Arena/PVP account gets moved to the Hackers/Cheaters Battle Arena.

for example, Defiant Set is only found on MH Weapons and half of the OH Weapons. if there is an Item being used in Battle Arena with Defiant Set on any other Items or a Pet, then it is a Cheat or Hack. Defiant is a Set Affix that can’t be rolled using Amethyst Crystal.

basically, as long as it isn’t a Cheat used in PVP, and you get reported to the Dev’s because another Player thinks you were using a Cheat, and you ask them to double check that it isn’t a cheat, they put you back into the regular Battle Arena.


Nice info bro @Kaiserrobert
Im new comer

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#ask to All
is this a bug? Is there a possibility of being banned if I fill it with +2 sets in it as well as topaz affixes with perfect status? because it is an eternal item
At first I wanted to fill in the mythic “sanctuary” but instead it became 1 empty slot and 3 blank slots

Thank you

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Same here bro, if you put a Mythic item then it will vanish and just 1 slots left but if you put a non Mythic combination mythstone (sorry for the bad sentence) is it doesn’t and each of it grants you a 5 percent DMG per stone

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@ELYSEUM that is not a Bug!

only Eternal Unreal Hoods & Fabled Weapons (the Eternalized Set Items) can be Crafted with Mythic Affixes. when you Craft Mythic Affixes onto Eternal Mythitech Items, you end up with 3 empty spaces, an empty Socket, the Mythitech Set and the Legend Affix.

for some reason, I can’t put the post here, so just go look at the Eternal item bug? thread. there is a link there that explains why Eternal Mythitech Items are like that. it’s in my post and is the Bad luck? Crystal affix weaker than epic affix link. also, I kind of explain the link later in the thread.

hope this helps.

So mr. @Golem

Last question:
for example, I got an eternal item set mythitec(amulet), after I entered 4 mythstone sanctuary, namely: mentor , wisdom , endow , return … after that I enter Affixes from topaz, because it is an eternal item, it will definitely get perfect stats, if I play in the arena will I get banned? Thankyou

But then bro if you put a 4 mythstone for a Mythic item it will vanished and one slots left intended for an Elixir stone for an all sets (optional). And the max capacity of your affix in an Eternal Legend items depending on the your Level.

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the problem is that new Players don’t know how some Eternal Items can be Crafted, and so they will think that many Items are hacks or cheats and report them. all you can do is PM @tdaniel or @SteigerBox , and they will check your account, and if it isn’t a cheat or hack, put you back into the Legit Battle Arena.

the best way to not get Reported and Banned is to only use Legend Items. of course, Legend Items can be cheated & hacked, and Players can be banned/sent to Cheaters Battle Arena for that, but most Players only think of Eternal Items being cheated & hacked.

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