OH damage %, slime pet and arcane bow build?

hi all fellows,
i’m newbie here and i’ve some questions that i’ll really thankfully if you guys help me out, i’ve try to search on forum but can’t find any answer for these, and if so forgive me if there’re already some thread about these question

  1. i’ve just found this pet and may i ask that if it’s useful for PVE or PVP ?

  2. and any suggestion on arcane bow build because i’ve tried to change the element of the pet to another element but its passive ( 10% arcane damage) didn’t change at all, is that a bug ? or it the way it is ?. and is arcane damage good ?.

  3. and may I ask that the %dmg in the OF gear also take effect for the MH gear, because I saw that rogue class have the bomb that have %dmg affix but what’s the point because the bomb have 0 base damage all the time ?

Thanks for reading and many thanks for helping me out…sorry for the long post, i’m just really confuse :D.

  1. No.
  2. No. Not a bug. Check for Codex every Slime pet have their own Passive Element Attribute. Arcane is IMBA before D.Q 2.5 but now, it is still but you must use Ascendent + Arcanist Build. Much better if you use on Warrior.
  3. That Bomb can be change to another class and that 100% Weapon DMG can be use by another class. But dont bother brother… Its useless in PvE or PVP much better Element DMG% than Weapon DMG%
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One of the many examples of Ascendent + Arcanist Build.

Pure Arcane is Strong but much stronger if you partner another Elements with it.

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thanks for your really helpful reply sir, you’re my MVP now… look like i need to find another pet, i really love bow build, i’ll try to find a good eternal spike doge with momentum for it… thanks again sir :smiley:

My build is a pure arcane Debuff warrior but it isn’t really a proper pure arcane build but it still does buff my main character. Arcane attacks with Ascendant applies Debuff and it’s really helpful.

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If it was me getting it, I would throw it off, throw my phone and throwing me off, LOL
Although, since you’re newbie, keep it until you get something else better.

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Thanks all for your really helpful comment , i’m currently building a pve warrior now so…have a good day all…i’ve learn something

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