Oh Raknarok Chak

What to do with

save for warrior (jasper to blade) i have 4 of that. will see what can i do in 2.1 when that patch released.

Will do

I have a couple of them baddies. Keep it since it have 2 good rare legend affix on it.
If you need info on jasper changing item.

Scroll close to the bottom you’ll find the info chart there

Anyone have list of item results after jaspering it? Like if you Jasper a chakram will the result be a sword for warrior and for wizard?

Click on the link I posted and scroll down close to the bottom.

Thanks seen it! :smile:

Hm which affix to keep and which to change planning on jaspering to warrior/sword

the affix to keep
Defiant (Set Affix) and legend affix +%WD. the rest i can just change

Notes! Also sent you PM watching this closely!

@cronos4321 will it be wise to remove control duration affix and change to more useful?

yep, that is more to pvp affix. but alot more affix viable and can surpass control duration affix, normally i only leave defiant and l.affix +%WD only