Oh wow that was quick

I guess there was enough players like 10k for eternal league to start or I reached the 1500 range for it to start
But then again, my very build is quick.


Cuzeg spiked sir do i have to uninstall my DQ and download on app store to update?

Well no. Unless you downloaded it from some website or something? Google Play Store already has the update as well as iOS Apple Store and Amazon Store.

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oh tnx my problem solve.

Yw :smile: .

you gotta do that before people start copying builds lol

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O you . i accidentantly met you ai yesterday i kill you hero wth my frozen farming equipment so good you top now.

I battle with your Character yesterday and oh yessss… what a shame on my part.:joy::joy::joy::joy:
Your Rogue deals 60k crit with my brainless tank :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:
But still I manage to win because my tank is brainless


Hahahahahhaa :joy: so brainful cuzeg giv me some :sweat_smile:

Power of brain. Cronos brain even better. Cuzeg Brain just got started.

Speaking of power of brain. DQ power of brain is Cerebral Vortex. Sounds like Cerebral Cortex for memories and learning but it’s called Vortex since you summon brain torrents .

The skull is the brain for the CV legend. Hence why it’s called braincage . Cage of brain is skull.


Ok ur so strong cuzeg :sweat_smile: keep it up :grinning:

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Definitely quicker unlike before lol

Lol. I remember that season 3 or 2 took forever to start up lmao. :laughing: :wink:

Yeah hahahah i remembered u asking why it took too long lol

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