OLA Any Pve Rogue Builds?

RNG = random number generator. in programming, it’s the algorithm used to generate a random number used for calculating success failure with mechanisms that rely on chance. an example would be for crit chance here in DQ. Say you have 70% crit chance. when you attack, the RNG would generate a number from 1-100. if it’s less than or equal to 70, then your attack will crit.

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thanks for clarfying. been seeing this on my other game (bf) and didn’t have an idea what the hell it means.

all hail RNGesus

<3 programmer

If you want nadroji ring and necklace hunt it in shrines, make a hunter ring, dual benefits for farming enslaver because it spawn mostly near shrines.

Locate the orange shrine for more stronger monster and rare drops also kill at floor 200-300 for higher chance to get a nadroji item

I guess the nadroji’s drop rate really count on your luck for real, at the first game while using my first char created on this game, lets say i can get all nadroji set below floor 200, but then when using the other char it is really hard to drop can’t get vacuus scipio, while using my first char i can get three vacuus scipio, so i guess the RNG seems locked by the accident

dude why is it that my vacuus scipio with max lvl and quality only have 75.1k dps…pla help…

i have 6 of that, want it ?

Add 20% Fire damage and +5000 Fire dmg.

up (xD)