OLA Any Pve Rogue Builds?

any sudgestion for pve build for rogue Guys ?

Try using my set. :))
I can easily get through mythic 3 with that :))

Or try this Blightbog Saboteur Set

No frozen ? :smiley: trye it its OP as F and not zenith ?

that’s a ruby affix 95% damge?

For now , I don’t have set for PvP so I didn’t make it frozen set

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Nope. The Vacuus Scipio has an affix of maximum 100% weapon damage

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i will hunt that btw what floor is that ?

I got that from floor 206, mythic 3, cartographer map. It’s very hard to find ( :cry: I hunt that for 1 week without nadroji set)

190-200 are best floors for farming Mutiny, Ragnarok, Insolence, etc. Narrowed down to a handful of legends on those floors, so better chance. :wink:


:frowning: i cant farm nadroja :arghhhh hmmm its beeen months really i start farming nadroja Nov.12
2015 im on floor 359 :frowning:

I’ve been looking for nadroji necklace and a vacuus for almost 2 months… I’ve found nadroji robes, cap and other rare legends but never one of those. Fml :frowning:

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just now i found vacuus with out nadroji :smiley: floor 197



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Floor 193 without nadroji too haha

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i will get that item HMMM!

#apir! haha


The RNG is on our side hahaha


what is rng?