Old but Gold frostfire and Arcanist build

hi friend how are you?
For those of you who are looking for the right and simple build for climbing floors and farming,
no need to bother making a difficult build…
you just need to make sure your Char doesn’t die easily, and can instantly kill the boss, that’s enough to climb the floor.
The build requirements for climbing the floor according to my criteria are:
The first is
-how do we ensure that our char doesn’t die easily? especially on high floors like 5k++
for example, for example in a rogue character with the “Evasion God” method, namely by creating prolonged stealth,… and in a warrior using the “Divine Guard” method by creating a possible block for every attack received. and
-attack method with a dual element combination, namely Frost & Fire.
I’ve been using this basic build since 2017, and it’s proven to be worth it until now… You can use more varied attacks with one element, but you can shake the dungeon floor with the Ascendant & Arcanist build, so that each skill that appears is colorful and looks varied.
The basic sets that I use in the Frostfire build is
-2 Crushingflames
-3 Epiphanies
-1 Demonic
-1 Frozen
The basic sets on Arcanist&Ascendant is actually almost the same as Frostfire, the difference depends on how you apply it… because in the Asrcanist build, all elemental effects are calculated the same as the basic elements, as shared by elyseum_DQ on his YouTube channel, he shared the Arcanist build on the warrior character. OK, that’s all for now, I’m just sharing my experience with you

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hello friend!
What I thought about and made in Korea
Fire & Ice warriors didn’t use demonics well…
My abilities weren’t that good…:sweat:
The thing I was most worried about when I made it back then was compatibility.
I came up with an idea by looking at the opposites.
Fire quickly removes HP, but the final power was lacking.
Ice was slow but powerful
I saw that and got an idea
And during the 3.0 update, during the video released by the DQ management team,
There was a brief video showing the use of aoe with a wide range.
“Let’s make something like that!” came to mind.
It was created after great experimentation…:sweat_smile:
The most important thing is survival and the power to
climb the floors.
Base items are spear and shield. There was a stun in the skill
Fire​:fire: = Damage / Ice​:ice_cube: = Damage, Survival / Electricity (Stun):zap:= Survival
Shield, spear = survival, fast movement / AOE (range) = survival
This is a build made by combining various ideas.
That’s how I created the basic build and filled in the rest through research.
I also did a lot of research on Ascendant & Arcanist builds in the past.
I came to DQ after 7 years and the fire and ice build is still there.
I decided to write this because you said it was worth it.
When making a build, think about it and make it.
I think it would be good​:+1: Bye then! friend! :grin::wave:

ah!!! When using Epiphany, erase the black option from the helmet.
One more item space can be used, so in the codec
After purchasing an item, do not wear or touch it.
If you use a gem that clears options at once, the Epiphany option becomes available.
Since it’s on the top row, it’s better to do it until everything else is gone.
If you wear it, touch it, or leave the game, the Epiphany option will appear at the bottom.
If you come down and use the gems, they will disappear together, so for any friends you don’t know.
I’ll leave a small tip! bye ~ :wave::wave::wave:
I hope you can use Google Translator and watch it even if it looks weird!

infinity warrior - korea.JC (DQ Korea website operator)

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Oh, and attribute items such as fire and ice are also good.
I think the most important thing is the Epiphany option.
Without Epiphany, you can’t survive or take any damage.
Because Epiphany in the center raises options to the maximum.
Personally, I think this is the most important option!
When I get a chance later, I use the Arcanist & Ascendant option that I used before.
Because there are videos and various builds uploaded.
You can see it on the Korean DQ Website

@J.C Welcome to DQ Forums! that looks like a great Ascendant & Arcanist Epiphany Warrior Build.

one of the great things about Ascendant & Arcanist is you get the benefits of all 5 Element DoT’s and the potential of lots of damage.

the downside is having a Build that doesn’t focus on using 1 or 2 Elements for doing lots of damage.

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I don’t like pink


:rofl: x 10.

I don’t really care for Arcane Pink either, but I do like some Arcane Builds.

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