Old player returning, need advice

Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone had tips / improvements on my build. havent played in a long time.

Also if someone could link a good farming build for higher floors!


How far are you now in this current setup and what does your build currently can and cant do(something like getting one hit on map xyz).


i would replace the Effective Mythic with another +30% Weaken (Epic or MS). if you already have one on your Pet, maybe Dodge +10% or something else, but an extra +30% Weaken will really boost your dmg.

not knowing what floor or difficulty level you are on, just keep going until you can’t go any farther and need another build. that being said, Crushing Flames, or CF with Frozen, or similar combinations that beat down a monsters HP quickly are what most players use.

when it comes to farming, you only need a Farm Build to be effective up to floor 500-510 of the difficulty of your choice. maybe up to 1000ish for Legends & Eternals found on higher floors. farming builds for floors any higher are only for bragging rights, in my opinion. i believe there are some Infinity Farm Builds that have been posted.


currently about floor 1500 m3 only. wanting new builds but crystals are tight rn

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currently trying to make a wizard farm build.

also side question, how come the forums less active? pvp used to be a huge thing back in the day haha. hit #1 for a while.

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halo same here I’m returning player too xD…
for a high floor farming, mostly player use crushing flame+demonic+frozen set affix with crushing blow crystal affix for 1500-2000 because it’s the best for farming on high floor.
try to use 2 characters to maxed the luck and drop chance…


For me, ill just tweak that build and change the move speed on armor and cap to weaken 30% then remove 90% weaken on amulet and place 30% crushing blow since rogue can hop around she will not need ms and since i think the base damage is good you can execute monster easily even without crushing flames or frozen.

I just entered 1k myself and got bored from using my CF skullshield Wiz build. Stopped playing for a while to play someother games while waiting for any updates to DQ

The game has far too less updates and thus the gameplay became stale. Nothing much to do after floor +1k

yeah damage isnt really an issue at this point, seems stronger than frozen / crushing flames

well, i have a lot of DQ Projects going on. my Climbing Wizard Build is closing in on floor 1900 M3, and i have been thinking of doing some tweaks for more damage.

my Wizard Farm Build is a work in progress at this time. it uses Epiphany with Green & White Shrines to max out Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop on 1/3 of the maps (+1012% & +250% respectively). switching to Ignore Resist and taking off Effective Mythic, changing 3 Crystal affixes, adding Orb +20 & Explosive +400% for more DPS, and a few other changes…my gold almost went to 0 and need to farm for more Ultra Rare Crystals.

my Rogue & Warrior Hireling have their 4th Perk, but are on hold as i farm for stuff to remake their level 1 gears for the last 2 Perks.

and on top of all of that, working on a different Wizard PVP Build while at the same time trying not to waste resources on all the cool ideas i have for builds.

i think it’s going to be awhile before i reach any kind of stale stage :wink: .