Omg I was 285 floor and I died and I forgot to buy another map and now i start from 200 floor again can’t we do something what kind of devs are you-.-

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Well i did remind you to buy extra map didnt i? Nothing to do with the dev.

Omg they have to do something about this Idc…

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Omg I ain’t gonna start again from floor 200 they have to send me a map for 285 not my fault if they can’t fix this…

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

@SteigerBox please

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

U have to start over from 201… Nothing devs can do…

Your only possible course of action is to rage quit.

True but I spend my time for nothing? …

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

This the problem everyone can forget it so they have to fix this kind of loading and it doesn’t go you to your floor so not my problem…it’s actually a bug do people which are 200+ floor

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX


Bunny read that all

Your only possible course of action is to rage quit.[/quote]

:laughing: Give this man a cookie ! MuffinTop, you took the words right outta my mouth :wink:

Ok lil girl chill out…we get ur 16…how about u just relax and deal with your consequences like I had too…

Hey bunny, you lost the floor number but all the items collected are still with your character.

The challenge maps, at least for me, have always been sort of a hard core challenge. How far can I make it before I get crushed!!

Km and dj don’t be rude unless you don’t want to see me flame…

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX


We’ll look into providing better ways to save progress on challenge maps. Also locking this thread, hope it’s understandable why :smile: