On Rogues and offhand stuff

Bomb grants mobility with blind as a bonus.
Mirror grants a pseudo-dodge with swap, plus a potentially devastating illusion.
Vial grants 100% elemental crit, plus a brief invulnerability as a bonus.

Uhhhh… traps… what are these for, exactly? For DPS it is quite negligible. With certain affixes these may stun or give more DPS but these are easily replaceable in theory.

Anyone out there actually using traps in their setup? I’d like to know if these things are of any practical use. Maybe I’m missing something.

I was actually thinking of making a trap build. Especially now that theres a new affux KillSwitch. However i feel its not working, i have 3 Killswitch affixes and the damage im dealing is consistent at 40k, i dont see any last hit exceeding said amount. At 150% we should see some damage diff with the last hut, in theory that is. Ive also tried with just one killswitch affix. Dont seem to see the explosion damage.

Additionaly there doesnt seem to be an animation associated wuth its exploding making it harder to observe. Second if they indeed are exploding, the radius isnt felt at all. Ive spent a lot of time trying to take baby steps towards a fury and then planting a trap and waiting for it to get destroyed. I dont see any exploding damage, it seems that the target has to be standing over it For it to get the explosion damage.

Question devs, when i plant a 6th trap. Does the explosion happen as well? Or does destroyed only refer to the trap dieing a natural death, ie time out.

Could actually be a nice build if 1st trap explodes during the planting of 6th trap. increase the radius, elemental critical(freeze), frozen set, and Empyrian Mythic.Could be interesting.